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Madoka Takes Over K-ON!

After collating all the ticket sales from the box office, it’s now official. Puella Magi Madoka Magica can lay claim to being the biggest anime film to open at the Japanese box office. It managed to topple the previous best from K-ON! which was holding onto the title.

rebellion poster

In pure sales, the third Puella movie in the series, Rebellion, has so far taken ¥1.93 billion which just beat K-ON! which had ¥1.9 billion in takings. Rebellion managed the task with more than 1.4 million viewers watching flocking to the cinemas to see the movie.

Itagasa umbrellas, Oreimo, K-On! plus more

Itasha is the act of covering your car in decals normally of your favourite anime. manga or gaming characters. It can be done to cars, motorbikes and normal everyday bicycles.

Now there’s a new addition to the itasha range in the form of umbrellas, or as the umbrella version is called, itagasa. This has been put together by manufacturer, seasonal-plant, and includes artwork from movies SUPERSONICO, K-On! and Oreimo. These were shown at Wonder Festival recently to a positive reaction from fans and the public.

Pre-orders have begun on the their official site, you can check out more info here  and check out the gallery below for the range of itagasa.

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K-On! Movie Extras Revealed For DVD/Blu-Ray Release

Fans of the anime K-On! and the movie will be pleased with awaits them when they purchase the DVD or Blu-Ray versions of the movie to take home.

The Limited Edition of the DVD will contain cords for a song played during the movie, a mini production booklet, 5 kinds of the appreciation tickets (small size), a 5 piece bromide set and lastly a three sided box. You also get commentaries from the producers, the staff and the cast.

Both disc versions also come with;

  • Yamada Naoko in London (location/scenario scouting)
  • Tanaka Minami’s dubbing report (additional feature of the recording sessions)
  • A backstage feature of Ho-kago Tea Time in Universal Studios Japan
  • A Houkago Tea Time in TBS press conference
  • A special program K-ON! the Movie Navigational Program
  • Music Recording
  • Stage Greetings on Opening Day
  • Creditless Opening and Ending Sequences
  • Pre-movie bit about manners
  • TV commercials, previews and trailers

If this sounds like your bag, then head on over to CD Japan who are taking pre-orders now so make sure you don’t miss out.

Evangelion & K-on! Goodies For PS3

For those of you lucky enough to have a Japanese PSN account with store credit, check out the following anime themes that will be on offer through the store. For ¥300, you can purchase the Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0, theme as seen below, which features 24 different images. And as an added freebie bonus, you’ll also receive a movie poster to hang in your apartment in Playstation Home. On top of that, there will also be a Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 theme with it’s own set of 24 images as seen below.

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Sony will also be releasing themes around the popular anime, K-on! which will be available from November 17 costing ¥300 and featuring Yui Hirasawa. When you purchase any of the K-on! themes, you’ll also be receiving a bonus poster to hang in your Playstation Home apartment.

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