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Review: VIXX Shangri-la In Sydney

*Reproduced with permission from Asian Pop Radio*

Welcome to the first of a series of reviews from the Asian Pop Radio team on VIXX’s Shangri-la tour in Australia! We will be covering both the Sydney and Melbourne legs of the tour; showing you, our APR crew member’s experiences and each sharing our favourite highlights.

Our first review comes from crew member Katy, who attended the Sydney concert on Monday the 27th. Please look forward to the others we have in store for you!

On Monday evening VIXX kicked off the Australian leg of their Shangri-la tour, performing at the Big Top in Luna Park, Sydney. Fans lined up from early in the day, and were excitedly chatting with each other around the venue, setting the place abuzz with energy well before the show started.

As a ST☆RLIGHT; a member of VIXX’s fandom, I too was excited for the evening performance. This would be the first time the 6-member group would be coming to Australia, and expectations had already been raised when Ravi appeared at Rapbeat: promising a tour together with the other members soon after. Now the day had arrived, and I was more than ready to get inside and dance to their live performances!

When we were finally allowed inside, the attendees were more than ready to start the concert as soon as possible. Cheers and fanchants erupted even as the music videos counted down the minutes until the boys appeared on-stage.

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Finally, the time came and the screams grew even louder as the six idols stepped into view. From my spot in the Silver standing section I had a clear view of the stage, and was able to watch all of the amazing choreography that accompanied the songs. Starting with the more recent songs: Fantasy and Desperate, VIXX set the standard for the evening very high straight away.

Midway, VIXX took the chance to answer several questions posed by fans; showing what they had been doing recently, where they had been in Sydney, and throwing in some aegyo for good measure. Main vocalist Ken was being his usual cheeky self; messing around and teasing leader N whenever possible during the talk, while youngest member Hyuk forced Hongbin to pull cutesy poses.

​My favourite parts of the concert were towards the end: as the show drew to a close, VIXX returned to their earlier hits: On and On, Error, Love Equation and Angel. The fans in the venue went wild; chanting, singing and dancing along, and I couldn’t help but join in too! As the concert drew to a close, everyone kept calling for more songs, and the show finished on a high note. All the members looked happy and waved farewell with smiles and many love hearts.

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​I thoroughly enjoyed the evening out, and was very happy with the experience I had. Though there were fewer people there than at other concerts, this gave those in the standing area room to dance and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

I hope that VIXX return soon with another concert, and for Melbourne ST☆RLIGHT: this is one concert you don’t want to miss!

Written by: Katy Phillips
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Twitter: @sonymusicsg

Review: My Korean Teacher (Movie)

My Korean Teacher is a charming tale of love lost, love found, bad timing and everything in between.

The film centres around Young-Ung, Yesung from K-Pop boyband Super Junior, a young Korean man living and working in Tokyo for a company delivering ginseng. Unfortunately his career at the company will be coming to an end after one last business trip to Okinawa and things start to go South very quickly when the business comes under investigation for something they’re shipping with the ginseng. To add more to the drama, Young-Ung’s relationship also ends in a particularly bad way leaving with nothing but the trip to Okinawa.



Just when he’s feeling at his lowest, two people enter his life that will change his life direction. They run a language school and are in need of a Korean teacher, a position that he takes up with very little confidence. At the school, he meets young single mother Sakura, played by Nozomi Sasaki, a woman working at a travel agency who needs to learn Korean ASAP to impress a CEO from a Korean company about to do business with the agency she works for.

This then begins a relationship of him teaching her, meeting her son Kei and grandmother as well as developing a very close friendship with Sakura. Along the way, complications begin to raise their head from a couple of other suitors which leads to Young-Ung begin to realise that there may be more than just a friendship there.


Straight off the bat, I really loved this movie. It’s incredibly cute and really easy to watch and quite beautiful in its storytelling. The movie was filmed in Okinawa, Japan and the landscape is simply breathtaking. From the gorgeous beach scenes, the bustling city streets and tranquil, peaceful village-like streets and scenery. The cast is all amazingly well matched and Yesung’s on-screen time with Nozomi is something you can’t take your eyes off, their chemistry is perfect. Also, considering that Yesung is a singer and not primarily an actor, he comes across very natural and has great comedic timing. Having said that, K-pop idols do wear many hats and rarely just sing. They’re usually involved in hosting variety shows and/or are also involved in K-dramas in Korea.

The other major cast members, Masahiro Sato who plays the owner of the language school named Kawamoto and Eri Fuse playing Sayuri, another teacher from the school are absolutely hilarious and the interactions they have with Young-Un at the end of most days in a bar are great. I found myself waiting for those scenes and in that regard, the film didn’t disappoint. Another part worth mentioning is with Kawamoto, Sayuri and Young-Un trailing Sakura around town. This segment in the film is so funny and one of the movie stealing moments. There are so many moment like that in the film though, from watching Young-Un and Sakura become closer throughout the film to the classroom scenes and even the scenes early in the story with Young-Un and his girlfriend, there’s some great stuff in there.


There’s a sub plot in the film involving Young-Un’s parents back in Seoul, Korea which initially doesn’t play out much but it has a really big bearing towards the end of the movie. This takes nothing away from the movie and only serves to pace it along and form a really solid story. The film has very solid, faultless direction from Director Yuzo Asahara which is making me want to check out more of his work.

I said this earlier in the review but yes, I really, really liked this movie and for me, is easily a standout from this year’s Japanese Film Festival. Get along to see it if you like rom-coms with a small twist of drama, you won’t be disappointed.

Final score: 9/10

Bubble Pop Asian Pop Radio Interview

For those that don’t follow me on social media (shame on you), I’ve been involved with arranging a K-Pop event night called Bubble Pop which is going down on August 12th at Good Things Bar, 147 Commercial Rd, South Yarra. In order to help promote the event, myself, Neko and Silhouette were interviewed by Asian Pop Radio which aired recently.

In case you missed it, you can catch it below!

If you want to find out more, tickets are still on sale so come down and have a great time. We’re still making announcements about all the cool stuff that we’re going to be having there like alcoholic and non-alcoholic Bubble Cup drinks!

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K-Pop idol worldwide poll results

A survey recently wrapped up, started by CJ E&M, in an effort to find the most popular K-Pop idol as judged by their fans around the world. The survey was called ‘The K-pop artist you like the most‘ which was conducted between April 4th to April 21. The survey took 20 popular K-Pop idols that had released a single in 2013 and the question was asked with a total of 73,809 votes coming back in.


INFINITE-H took the top spot garnering 41.1% of the votes while SM’s Girls’ Generation came second with 17.3% and also from SM, boyband SHINee claiming the third spot with 13.1 of the votes. Taiwan, Thailand, and China were the countries where INFINITE-H had the most of their votes, Brazil and Mexico was where Girls’ Generation had the vest reception while SHINee had the best results in Russia, Spain, and Italy.


Overall, Taiwan had the largest number of votes across the board while Poland came second. The Unites States sad the third largest turnout with the voters.

Girls’ Generation

CJ E&M released the following statement, “It turned out that artists are popular in countries according to national trends, and whether or not the artist had promoted in their country. The data shows that having overseas concerts and international marketing helps with their popularity.

Psy Nominated For Multiple Awards

It’s that time for the annual Billboard 2013 Music Awards and K-Pop superstar, Psy, has been nominated in multiple categories. It’s all in part to his massive hit, Gangnam Style, which has received numerous nominations.

psy gangnam style

He’s in the running for (deep breath) ‘Top Streaming Artist‘, ‘Top Streaming Song’, ‘Top Rap Song‘, ‘Top New Artist‘, ‘Top Dance Songand ‘Top Rap Artist‘. This actually makes him the first Korean artist to be in the running in 6 different categories. Let’s not forget that Psy has already numerous awards ranging from the ‘New Media‘ award at the ‘American Music Awards‘, ‘NRJ Award of Honor‘ at the ‘NRJ Music Awards‘, ‘International Song of the Year‘, ‘Best Video‘ at the ‘2013 MTV EMA‘ and ‘Music Video of the Year‘.

The awards show will be held on May 19 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, USA.

G-Dragon Is Back With New MV

All VIP’s take note! Bigbang’s leader, G Dragon, is back with a new track freshly released onto the interwebs today called, 미치GO.

The MV has guest appearances by Se7en, Taeyang and super producer, Teddy but you’re going to have to look really hard for them. Give it a watch, it has a crazy high pitch dance beat that doesn’t let up and is probably more similar to his past hit, Crayon.

Psy Unleashes Gangnam Style Follow-Up

Korean singer/sensation, Psy, made headlines around the world for his smash hit, “Gangnam Style”. The clip for the song becoming the most watch clip on YouTube with well over 1 billion views on the song talking up the affluent Gangnam district in South Korea.

Well now he’s back with the follow-up single, “Gentleman” and an equally quirky new clip and dance to go along with it. The song is essentially him spouting about how he’s a gentleman, or isn’t he? Watch the clip, make up your own minds and then sound off in the comments below!

G-Dragon & Daesung From Bigbang Talk About Promises

Newly launched variety show in Korea, Incarnation, which replaces Strong Heart features idols from the K-Pop arena to talk about different topics and issues.

On the most recent show which just aired in Korea, two stars from one of the biggest groups were the special guests. G-Dragon and Daesung from Bigbang took to the stage for a frank discussion about keeping promises. Daesung was the first to bring up the sensitive topic of not keeping promises by saying, “I usually can’t break up with a girl first. The times when I’m the most sorry are from the small things. Like when you watch a movie, say something related to the Tokyo Tower, she’d say things like, ‘Next year, I wish we could go to the Tokyo Tower’. And of course I’d say, ‘Yeah, let’s do that’. I’d feel sorry that I couldn’t keep those promises.” He added, “I make a lot of promises, like, ‘I’ll always be next to you, or ‘I’ll be your last man’.


When G-Dragon was pressed on the same topic, he calmly responded,  “I don’t make promises.” He explained, “You don’t know what will happen in the future. The reason why I haven’t made promises is because rather than making promises I can’t keep, I would rather do my best in the moment.

One of the show MC’s, Yoon Jong Shin, wanted to know a bit more about the promises that Daesung had kept. At this, Daesung hesitated for a second before saying, “Once I made a promise to be by her side whenever she was sick.” He the turned to look at G-Dragon before bursting out laughing. G-Dragon sat there confused by what was happening, Daesung then had to add, “One day, Big Bang was headed to Japan. But that day, my girlfriend was really sick. At that time, we had Japanese activities starting from the next day. It was okay for me to go to Japan a day after everyone. I pretended that I lost my passport so I could stay with my girlfriend for an extra day.

G-Dragon looked genuinely surprised as he believed all this time that Daesung had actually lost his passport. Talk about confessing in front of your leader. Awkward.

KARA Releases New Japanese Single

K-Pop girl group, KARA, are one of many Korean bands that have been fortunate enough to break into the highly competitive pop music world of Japan.

Their star keeps rising now with the news that they are about to release their 8th single in Japan called ‘Bye Bye Happy Days’. And despite what the title of the track suggests, the tune is actually a cheerful song which compliments their very cute image.



A short PV was released, which you can catch below, I’m assuming the full version will be landing soon judging by the way the track just fades out. The song will be released on March 27th.