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KanColle Game Sees Delay

In a move that will upset fans of this series, the KanColle (Kantai Collection) game for the PS Vita has been delayed. The game was originally scheduled for release on the PS Vita sometime during the Autumn of 2014 but has now been pushed back to Spring 2015. The announcement was made by Kadokawa Games with the producer, Kensuke Tanaka, saying that they would like the opportunity to do more “advanced things” with the game.

kancolle game

But let’s not forget that the anime will be coming out in Spring of 2015 as well, and looks a little something like this:

Opening Cinematic For Motto! SoniComi & Some Extras

In the past few weeks, we’ve becomes HUGE fans of Nitroplus girl, Super Sonico. We agree that her anime wasn’t quite what some people were expecting but we can’t get enough of it! So we were besides ourselves when Kadokawa Games and Nitroplus released the opening cinematic video for the upcoming PS3 title, Motto! SoniComi. The game looks set to be a love communication game which hits Japan on March the 20th.

sonico ps3

The gameplay will consist of you interacting with Sonico chan by taking pictures of her during the many photographic sections of the game. There will also be some adventure segments during which you can increase your relationship with her too. The handful of videos below show off the opening movie for the game and then some photoshoot and adventure gameplay videos so you can see what awaits you.

Opening cinematic

Photoshoot Gameplay 1

Pbhotoshoot Gameplay 2

Photoshoot Gameplay 3

Photoshoot Gameplay 4

Adventure Gameplay 1

Adventure Gameplay 2

New Killer Is Dead Trailer, English Voices

We showed you the other day the new forthcoming game from Suda51, Killer is Dead. Today we can show you the second new trailer complete with English voice overs.


This collaboration betweem Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games is shaping up nicely as noir thriller with a touch of the Suda51 weirdness. Should be an interesting game when released for both Xbox 360 and PS3.

English Trailer For Suda51’s ‘Killer Is Dead’

Suda51 has a peculiar mind, no doubt. After all this is the same mind that brought us No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned and Killer7. Any release from him is usually met with critical acclaim and appreciation from gamers everywhere.

killer is dead1

His latest effort looks set to follow in those footsteps with the game receiving an English trailer. ‘Killer is Dead’ is a stylish and unique looking game from Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture. The game revolves around an executioner called Mondo Zapper who is entrusted with eliminating dangerous assassins and other assorted evil from around the world. He’ll be suitable aided by his prosthetic left arm which allows an arsenal of different weapons to be attached to it.

Legend Of Heroes Has New Vita Trailer

The PS Vita saw a new title released for it this past week in Japan, that title being, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero Evolution. So to show off what the game is capable of, Falcom and Kadokawa Games put together a new trailer and released it onto the interwebs recently.

The game is a port but not a straight copy, instead it had has some changes put into it for the Vita. Changes such as the characters having mouths and eyes that move as they talk, side stories with some fresh content and a substantial amount of voice acting has been put into the Vita version.

3DS AKB48+Me Game Makes A Comeback

Barely has the dust settled on the announcement from Namco Bandai and their AKB1/153 game, now another AKB48 game that remained dormant has suddenly resurfaced again.

AKB48+Me from Kadokawa Games has an October 25 release date according to the latest issue of Famitsu Weekly. For those in the dark, AKB48+Me is a game bound for the Nintendo 3DS where the idols of AKB48 appear in the game but in the Nintendo Mii form, sounds cute.

The gameplay will feature rhythm based games and other features as you play the role of a prospective member for the Japanese super girl group. The game will retail for ¥5,670 and that date again for importers is October 25.

First Screenshots For Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua]

We recently revealed that hugely popular anime/manga, Fate/Stay Night, was having a game being developed for the PS Vita by Kadokawa Games and also showed the official site for the game.

Today we can show four new screenshots so you can see how the game is shaping up. Admittedly, it only is four screenshots but already, at such an early stage, you can see that the game is shaping up nicely.

[AFG_gallery id=’132′]

Don’t forget that this is a Vita port from a PS2 visual novel which will be featuring high res graphics, touch screen support and a new original opening cinematic from Ufotable, a well known animation studio.

AKB48 Hits Up The 3DS

The PSP has had its turn hosting some AKB48 games and now it’s the turn of the 3DS to host one of Japan’s most popular super girl groups. While the PSP version had actual photographs and live action video of the idols, the 3DS is looking at doing it slightly different by featuring the lovable Miis of the girls.

The game has the title of ‘AKB48+Me’ and is being developed by Kadokawa Games. The game will put the player in the hot seat by playing the part of a prospective new member for the super group. During the course of the game, which will play out in three game years, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the other members with the target being of becoming one of the girls yourself.

The game will be hosting everything that the girls do in real life such as television appearances and heading out to meet your fans in meet and greets. When you’re on stage, the game will become a rhythm game where you’ll be able to sing and dance as well as have a chance to show if you have what it takes to mix it up with the real deal.

Apart from the main game itself, there’s also an “AKB Theater” mode where you’ll be able to try on different outfits on custom stages that you’ve designed yourself.

The title will be releasing some time later this year.