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First look at Kamen Rider Wizard & Kyoryuger double feature movie

If you love Tokusatsu movies or shows, then this next bit of news should be up your alley. This summer in Japan will see the release of Kamen Rider Wizard and Kyoryuger live action double feature movie.

This annual super hero movie event courtesy of Toe will hit cinemas on August 8th and will feature both Kamen Rider W and Super Sentai team Kyoryuger. The films which make up this double feature are Kamen Rider Wizard and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music.

How cool would this be to watch?

Kamen Rider W cosplay item coming soon

Fans of Kamen Rider W (like us) and cosplay will be excited by the imminent release of a cosplay piece. The Kamen Rider W Acceldriver belt is now ready to be picked up by fans looking for a collectible or cosplay merchandise.

krw belt 1

The belt is worn in the live action show and will be on sale in Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan. This release marks the second piece of merchandise to be released in the “Complete Selection Modification” for adults. It’s made from high grade leather while the buckle looks like motocycle handlebars with a clutch and two Gaia Memories which can be inserted into the top of the belt.

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If you’re after the belt, it will set you back ¥10, 500 excluding shipping and handling. You can pre-order until August 2nd while the belt will ship in November.