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Kill La Kill Nendoroid Mako

Here’s a look at an upcoming nendoroid from Good Smile Company. It’s none other than Mako Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill which will actually be going on sale tomorrow. The Good Smile Blog posted this early look at the nendoroid which is so kawaii! If you already have the Ryuko Matoi nendoroid, you can pair them up so they’re never lonely.

[AFG_gallery id=’391′]

And yes, Guts is included!

Kill La Kill Smartphone Cover

One of the many things that Japan has plenty of is anime merchandise, especially for smartphones. This is a pretty cool smartphone cover that we just came across that matches a popular anime with a unique look.


This Kill la Kill inspired case is the work of GrooveGarage who have previously released covers from Free! and Arpeggio of Blue Steel. This awesome Senketsu case is priced at ¥2, 750 and has snazzy clip on the back so you can attach it to a bag or carry it around your neck as is the norm in Japan. It’ll be available in May.

Good Smile Company Show Kill La Kill Figmas & Nendoroids

Kill la Kill fans need to pay attention to this next piece. Good Smile Company and Max Factory have taken the covers off of their latest upcoming figmas and nendoroids.


They’ve chosen the recent Winter Wonder Festival to unveil these amazing looking Kill la Kill models. A couple of the nendoroids shown by Good Smile Company were of Ryuko and Mako with Mako looking like an unpainted prototype model. Max Factory meanwhile had their amazing looking figma of Ryuko on display. No news on when these will hit stores or when pre-orders will start but they’re definitely attracting heaps of attention.

Cospa To Release Kill La Kill Jacket

Cosplay and Kill la Kill fans will love this next one. The cosplay apparel manufacturer, Cospa, is readying to release a piece based on what character, Ryuko, wears.

kill la kill 1

The  sukajan which is a jacket but in a World War II jumper style will be available in 4 different sizes for both male & female. The jacket will carry a retail price of ¥16, 200 with pre-orders open now before it launches in May.

Looks pretty awesome, right?

Kill La Kill & Arpeggio Of Blue Steel Phone Cases

We showed some pretty awesome iPhone cases the other day that looked more like tasty food treats than cases. Today there’s some cases we came across from two very popular anime’s.

Kill la Kill and Arpeggio of Blue Steel both have a solid fan base so smartphone accessory maker, Groove Garage MofuMofu, saw fit to release these cases. Guts (Kill la Kill) and Yotaro (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) can now be carried around with you via these cases which will be released April with a price tag each of ¥2,940.

guts 1

Guts has a bone pull tag which when yanked on reveals your phone while Yotaro needs his tail pulled to open the flap revealing your phone.

And now let’s take a look at the Yotaro case, these are both so cute!

Some Amazing Kill La Kill Cosplay

Fans of the popular anime Kill la Kill will no doubt be fans of the transformations that occur when main character Matoi uses her Senketsu outfit. Something similar can be seen with Student Council President, Satsuki Kiryuin and her own Junketsu outfit.

matoi kill la kill

The outfits are nothing short of skimpy and don’t leave much to the imagination and it would take a brave cosplayer to pull it off. Well, two cosplayers have taken up the challenge and posted pics of their cosplay shoot. In the shoot, they cosplayed with the Senketsu and Junketsu outfits and the results are very impressive.

[AFG_gallery id=’362′]

The two cosplayers are Korean based Miyuko and JJDoll, pics courtesy of Amaranth Photography.

A Quick Look At The Kill La Kill Soundtrack

Fans of video game and anime soundtracks will be pleased to hear about the following news. Righstuf.com is now offering the Kill la Kill soundtrack for pre-order.

kill la kill soundtrack

It launched yesterday in Japan and today we can give you a preview of what you can expect along with a track listing.

Track Listing:

  1. Before My Body is Dry
  2. goriLLAJAL
  3. INUKA3L
  4. Blumenkranz
  5. AdLALib
  7. KILL7laKILL
  8. Suck your blood
  9. Kixtu9=KELL
  10. K1llwaiLL
  11. Light Your Heart Up
  12. HILL la liLL
  13. KiLL LA KiLL
  14. KiRYU ha KiLL
  15. I Want to Know
  16. NELLnaKl9
  17. KiLLaKiLL
  18. Till I Die