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Kingdom Hearts II HD & Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix News

Tetsuya Nomura, director of cult classic series Kingdom Hearts, has released some teasing tidbits of information in this week’s Famitsu Weekly regarding Kingdom Hearts II HD and the 1.5 remix of Kingdom Hearts.

Nomura san was asked straight out if there would be a HD release for Kingdom Hearts II would be on the way to which he replied that it would be highly unusual if this didn’t occur. Currently Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix has bundled Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories as well as cinematics from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Square Enix is also upscaling the existing models for Sora used in Kingdom Hearts 3D and now being used for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix. The gameplay has also been tweaked so it plays more like Kingdom Hearts II.

Important Change Made To Kingdom Hearts 3D

Kingdom Hearts launches outside of Japan late july which has given Square Enix the change to do some last minute tweaking to the game. One of those changes has definitely been for the better as Co-Director Tai Yasue explains.

Kingdom Hearts 3D has a feature called the Drop System which forces the player to switch between both Sora and Riku when a meter on the screen runs out. Apparently in the Japanese version of the game, when you drop characters in the middle of a boss fight, the boss’s health bar replenishes while the character jumping into the fight doesn’t. Sounds unfair.

What the change is, that now when you swap character, your health will be topped up at the same time, the boss you’re fighting will be replenished as well so it remains a fair fight.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for this one in North America when it launches on July 31 and July 26 for Australia.

Kingdom Hearts Demo Lets You Travel Around Town

Square Enix have recently released a short demo for Kingdom Hearts 3D on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, which lets you control Sora around one area at the start of the game, that area being Traverse Town. The demo allows you to meet up with Neku from another massively popular title, The World Ends With You. After meeting up with Neku, you can then take on some Dream Eaters while wielding your keyblade.

Sora has been given some amazing abilities for the demo like Sparkga, Slot Blade, Ice Breaker, Balloonra, Curera and Rainbow Wind. Two friendly spirits follow Sora along being Neko Cat and Meow Wow. You’ll also be able to grind on electric wires and swing yourself around lamp posts using the Flow Motion actions.

As a bonus, you also get the tutorial Ursula taken on Sora in battle atop a raft at the opening of the game. You do only get fifteen play throughs but everything you need to see, you can do in one play through. Japanese 3DS owners, give it a go, sounds the goods.

New Kingdom Hearts Announcement Soon

A new book hits the stands today for Kingdom Hearts fans entitled, The Kingdom Hearts 3D Ultimania guide book. The book is good enough on it’s own but the big bonus is the included interview with series creator, Tetsuya Nomura.

Site FF Reunion has summarised the contents of the interview and in it there’s a brief teaser given that hints at what’s next for the KH Universe. Nomura-san goes so far as to say that development has already begun on something new, in fact, a variety of developments for one or more titles!

He then goes on to say that he believes they’ll be able to make an announcement sometime soon. There were some parts in the interview that were censored out, I’m guessing where too much information was revealed, but if you can read Japanese, here’s what was printed:

  • 〇ー〇〇○〇解放には〇〇○〇を仕込んだ
  • 〇ー〇〇○〇メッセージについては想像にまかせる
  • 〇の〇〇〇のはそのままあの〇人かについてはお楽しみに

Disappointingly, Nomura-san also mentioned that at present, there are no plans for a Birth by Sleep sequel or to release a Final Mix version of the current 3DS title KH3D.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Reporting Healthy Sales

Great news for Square Enix coming out of Japan with the news that Kingdom Hearts 3D has sold through 64% of its allocated stock in retail outlets across Japan. To be exact, the title has shifted 64.2% which equates to 213,579 units sold, nice.

However the title hasn’t managed to reach the stellar heights of its predecessors like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for the DS which sold 295, 000 units which translates to 72.35%.

The pre-orders for the the 3DS edition however were higher than Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 150, 000 against 90, 000 pre-orders.

So far it looks like it’s going to be another success for SE and for the hard core KH fans, we’ll see what happens with the figures once it’s released in other territories outside of Japan.

Kingdom Hearts Around Tokyo

The promotional machine has gone into overdrive in Japan judging by the pics below of Kingdom Hearts 3D being plastered all over Tokyo advertising the soon to be released game.

Square Enix have been busy on the Yamanote line by buying time on the many monitors that are in the trains as well as on the train stations, Ikebukuro and Shibuya. There’s also pics around Sofmap in Akihabara.

The pics below are courtesy of Twitter user @Okikuta and were on the FF Reunion site, pretty cool yeah?

[AFG_gallery id=’73’]

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Campaign Site

Exciting news today from Square Enix with the news that they started a new promotional campaign for Kingdom Hearts 3D on the 3DS. The Kingdom Hearts Dream or Drop Campaign has a site where you can go and partake in quizzes that test your knowledge of the KH Universe.

If you manage to attain a high enough score, you’ll go into the draw to win a Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary box, a 3DS unit or a Dream Eater plush.

At some future point, there will also be commercial added to the site.

What you waiting for? Head on over and good luck!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Ending To Reveal ‘Many Truths’

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the Kingdom Hearts series, has made a few more declarations about the upcoming KH3D for the 3DS. Speaking through Famitsu magazine, he has gone on record as saying that there will be a few resolved matters at the end of the game.

If I had to say who the key persons were, I’d say they are the silver haired boy and Axel,” Nomura shares. “This time at the end of the story, there will be the longest cutscene of the whole series where the true form of Ansem and Xemnas, as well as their goals and many other truths will be revealed all at once.

He also some information regarding the Dream Eaters from the game and the new Ability Link system.

At first, I initially wanted to develop another form of the command board fromBirth by Sleep,” Nomura reveals. “Then I mixed the growth systems of Re:Codedand 358/2 Days and came up with a new idea that became the Ability Link feature.

He has also stated that he believes KH3D will take roughly 35 hours to complete, look out for the game when it hits stores on March 29.