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Sora Lands In World Of Final Fantasy

In a move that will please many a Kingdom Hearts fan, Square Enix have announced that beloved character, Sora, will be making an appearance in World Of Final Fantasy via a special DLC that will be coming to Japan on January 12th, 2017.


The Champion Summon: Sora will be up for grabs until March 31st and while there hasn’t been an announcement outside of Japan, we’re quietly confident it’ll be out before too long.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep Prologue Opening Cinematic

Kingdom Hearts III is still in development however Kingdom Hearts HD II.8: Final Chapter Prologue or the Kingdom Hearts collection will be landing on the PS4 on January 24, 2017. One of the cooler aspects of the bundle would have to be the original Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth By Sleep Prologue that comes bundled with it. Until then though, check out the opening cinematic for that title below. The game also serves as a link to the aforementioned Kingdom Hearts III.

Japan Date For Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8

Square Enix have dropped some Kingdom Hearts news today at the 2016 Playstation Conference in Japan. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue will be touching down in Japan on January 12, 2017. Not much longer to wait for a game that’s looking amazing and promises big fun! Here’s the awesome cover art for the box:


For those that aren’t across this game, here’s what it comes with: Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep: A Fragmentary Passage which is a brand new entry episode, a remastered version of the sublime Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Kingdom Hearts Chi: Back Cover which is another new adventure told through HD cinematics. For even more visual treats, here’s a trailer:

Jump Festa: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Trailer

Some awesome news and info coming out from the recent Jump Festa event in Japan. Of particular note is a new trailer for a Japandaman fan favourite series, Kingdom Hearts.

A new trailer was shown at the event for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix which covers Kingdom Hearts II, Birth By Sleep: Final Mix and Coded. All have been re-done in stunningHi-Def visuals which quite simply make it look all the more amazing. But don’t take our word for it, catch the trailer below!

Furyu working on 3DS and PS Vita RPG

Great news for RPG fans coming out of Japan with the reveal that developer, Furyu who are responsible for Unchained Blades and the CardFight!! Vanguard games, are working on something new.

Bound for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Sony PS Vita, the new game is called X Tetra  will see you take on the role of  a hero who has the ability to absorb Ex energy from fallen foes. This power can then be used to create miracles in the game, sounds intriguing, right?

The artwork in the game is being handled by Tony Taka from the Shining series and Enami Katsumi from Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

Even more excitingly is that the music will be looked after by composer Yoko Shimomura, who previously worked on Kingdom Hearts. The game’s theme song will be performed by Claris. Look out for this unique sounding game on October 17 for both the 3DS and the PS Vita.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX dated for September in North America

Sony has announced the date for one of the most awaited releases from developer, Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX has been dated for North America touching down on September 10.

In fact, Sony have reminded fans to get a move on and pre-order the game to make sure they don’t miss out on the exclusive limited edition art book available only at launch.

kingdom hearts offer


The artbook will contain characters renders, early sketches and rare art pieces that never hit USA before, sounds like the perfect addition to any fan’s collection. Just to remind you, the game package will come with Kingdom Hearts FINAL MIXKingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, all in HD. New HD cinematics from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will also be on the disc.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Trailer

March 14 2013 is when Japan will see the much awaited and hugely anticipated Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix. During the recent Jump Festa event in Japan, Square Enix debuted the snazzy trailer below with enhanced and cleaned up graphics from both Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories for the PS3.

Kingdom Hearts has now been rejigged to play a lot more like Kingdom Hearts II, also incorporating a KHIII style of camera with new special actions assigned to Triangle. As well as both main games having trophy support included, 1.5 Remix will also have the cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days included.

Kingdom Hearts II HD & Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix News

Tetsuya Nomura, director of cult classic series Kingdom Hearts, has released some teasing tidbits of information in this week’s Famitsu Weekly regarding Kingdom Hearts II HD and the 1.5 remix of Kingdom Hearts.

Nomura san was asked straight out if there would be a HD release for Kingdom Hearts II would be on the way to which he replied that it would be highly unusual if this didn’t occur. Currently Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix has bundled Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories as well as cinematics from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Square Enix is also upscaling the existing models for Sora used in Kingdom Hearts 3D and now being used for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix. The gameplay has also been tweaked so it plays more like Kingdom Hearts II.

Kingdom Hearts Fans Choose Songs For Anniversary CD

September 19 marks the day that Square Enix release the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Fan Selection: Melodies & Memories CD in Japan. Talking to composer, Yoko Shimomura , she commented that “Hikari” is the one that captures the moment of Kingdom Hearts the most. For this track, she was tasked with create a song that conveys the emotion of being in a big drama.

Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series were allowed to vote on which tracks were to be included in the compilation, and they selected “Hikari ~ Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version ~ as the #1 song from the first game. “Dearly Beloved” and “Another Side” were #2 and #3, respectively.

“Naminé” was chosen above all else from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories giving the second spot to “Lord of the Castle”. Kingdom Hearts II saw “Roxas” being included while “The Other Promise” took second and “Dearly Beloved” gained the third spot.

Here is the confirmed track listing so far but keep in mind it isn’t complete as there are still tracks to be added from both, Dream Drop Distance and 358/2 Days. The album will be a 2 CD release.

Kingdom Hearts

Dearly Beloved


Hand in Hand

Hollow Bastion


Hikari – Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version –

Traverse Town

Kairi I

Always on My Mind

Another Side


Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories


Lord of the Castle


Kingdom Hearts II

Dearly Beloved

Passion ~ Opening Version ~

Missing You


Organization XIII

The Other Promise

Darkness of the Unknown

Fate of the Unknown

Passion ~ Kingdom Orchestra Instrumental Version ~

Lazy Afternoons

The 13th Struggle


The 13th Reflection


Rage Awakened


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Enter the Darkness