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Cosplay Trick 101

Ever seen a cosplay photograph that looked so seamless and fluid that you thought it must have involved some level of expert Photoshop skills? Well, that’s not always the case judging by the below example.

This is Tasha, a Korean cosplayer cosplaying as Tracer from Blizzard’s upcoming title, Overwatch. If you’re new to Overwatch, here’s a clip of Tracer doing her thing:

Pretty intense, right? So it’s with this in mind that Tasha approached this photoshoot with a particular action shot in mind.

Tracer 1

So how exactly was this accomplished? Well, there are some elves at work as seen below:


Tracer 2

Tracer 3

Some skills are involved in modifying the shoes as well:

Tracer shoes

There’s no denying that the end results are totally worth it though:

Psy Unleashes Gangnam Style Follow-Up

Korean singer/sensation, Psy, made headlines around the world for his smash hit, “Gangnam Style”. The clip for the song becoming the most watch clip on YouTube with well over 1 billion views on the song talking up the affluent Gangnam district in South Korea.

Well now he’s back with the follow-up single, “Gentleman” and an equally quirky new clip and dance to go along with it. The song is essentially him spouting about how he’s a gentleman, or isn’t he? Watch the clip, make up your own minds and then sound off in the comments below!

MBLAQ Release Album And MV

Korean boy band, MBLAQ, of Mona Lisa fame have released a new mini album and MV (Music Video) to go along with it. The mini album is called ‘100% Ver’ while the MV is for the track, ‘It’s War’.


The mini album will contain 5 tracks called, ‘It’s War’, ‘Run’, ‘Scribble’, ‘Jittery Girl’ and ‘Hello My EX’. The MV for ‘It’s War’ is very dark and dramatic with band members¬†¬†Lee Joon and Thunder being involved in some action scenes with some fighting and gunplay going on. It’s a definitely a more mature and grown up look for the boys and while my initial impression is that I like the MV for its dark and action based theme, I think the song still has to grow on me. Not entirely convinced yet I’m afraid.

Anyways the MV for ‘It’s War’ is below for you to check out as well as audio clips of the other songs as well so give them all a listen and post your favourites in the comments section.