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God Of War Kratos Figurine

Maker of figurines, Play Arts, have released their rendition of Kratos from the God of War series and he looks awesome.

The figure hasn’t hit stores as yet and will be hitting Japan stores sometime in April with no release date or time frame for North America yet. Not much more to say but feast your eyes on the pics below, he looks great and should be a purchase for figure collectors.

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Japan Gets New God of War

A new update on the status of the recent PSP remastered collection to PS3 such as Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Today we learn the date that another familiar face will be making the crossover to HD, in Japan at least. Sony has confirmed today that they’ll be releasing the God of War: Origins Collection in Japan on October 6th compared to the September 13th US release date. The Origins Collection will consist of the first two outings for Kratos in Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, both formidable games in their own right and two of the best titles on any system.

The collection will be available in 2 flavours, a physical copy will set you back ¥5,980 while the digital download version will cost ¥4,900 for the full set or alternately you can buy each separate game for ¥2,700. Another added bonus for those buying the physical media will be an included staff interview that runs for 1 hour…not bad.