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Live Action Patlabor Movie Will Show Real Mech

The live action adaptation of the cult classic anime “Patlabor” is in full production via a new series and will now be starring a special guest. A while back we reported on a real life mech called Kuratas KR01 being put together by Suidobashi Heavy Industry.


This real life mech has found its way onto the movie where its been painted yellow for its construction labour role as well as a battle scene with the Ingram police mecha. The possibility of a CGI mech was never entertained once Kuratas KR01 managed to fill the void required.

kuratas patlabor

Here’s a trailer for the anime-movie spin off, The Next Generation -Patlabor.

The first couple of installments, episodes 0 & 1, will be hitting cinemas on April 5th, 2014, where it will have a 2 week limited run. The 2nd chapter will be released on May 31st. While the full 100 minute movie will be released during the busy period known as Golden Week in Japan.

Japan Making Real Life Mechs

We all knew it was going to happen or later but it looks like the future is here now and in Japan.

Japan has always had a fascination with mechs and robots which has prompted the creation of this awesome robot.

Kuratas KR01 is a four metre tall robot that allows a pilot to sit inside and control it from a cockpit where it’s able to reach a top speed of 10kph (6mph). Kuratas is a joint effort between two men, artist Kogoro Kurata and OS developer Wataru Yoshizaki (V-Sido robot), who have also enlisted the aid of Suidobashi Heavy Industries.

It cal also be controlled via remote control by using a 3G enabled device. The mech also has facial recognition software built-in so if it locks onto you, no chance you’re getting away!