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Miyamoto looking after official Nintendo magazine

Clearly not having enough to do at Nintendo with coming up with new awesome stuff for gamers, Shigeru Miyamoto will now be adding something new to his resume.


The Official Nintendo magazine is coming up to its 100th issue very soon and to mark the occasion, editing duties will be laying with Miyamoto san. The issue will be limited by featuring a special cover, as long as you’re a subscriber, and will also be coming with reviews on 2 eagerly awaited games. Pokemon X and Y as well as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. Will Shigeru be adding something unique to the issue? That remains to be seen but keep an eye out for it when it hits newsstands on September 25.

Canned CGI Zelda film trailer

This is an example of something that could have possibly been awesome but we may never find out. It’s a CGI trailer for a Legend of Zelda movie put together by studio, Imagi, who were responsible for the fantastic TMNT, Astro Boy, and yet another film to remain on the shelves, the Gatchaman film.

Adam Holmes is a former employee of Imagi and thankfully worked on the promotional reel with production and editing duties.

۞ by AGBLeaks

What do you think? Disappointed that the final movie was made?

Legend Of Zelda Hoodies, That’s Right

Website King of Games have released some amazing looking Legend of Zelda hoodies which boast some great designs while offering a cool look as well. They’re available in a funnel neck design with the hood lining sporting a printed design, two way zips and small but very delicate sprites in various locations on the fabric.

There’s a cool Link that’s been stitched into the fabric peeking out from the top of the left pocket while the familiar heart container is stitched onto the back.



You can pick one up at this site for ¥14490 which for Australian readers puts it around the $180 mark at the current exchange rate so not cheap but worth it…what do you think?

TGS Skyward Sword Presentation In English

Just when you think the whole hype surrounding this year’s Tokyo Game Show, I continue doing my best to keep the excitement going! Shigeru Miyamoto held centre stage during the pre-TGS Nintendo Conference, during which he showed off The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which unfortunately was all in Japanese. Well, now I can present the same presentation but with English subtitles which makes it just a bit more interesting 🙂 Check out Shiggy in action below.