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Review: Yo-kai Watch 2 (3DS)

Yokai Watch 2 is a game that I wasn’t expecting, a game that I honestly thought was going to be a clone of Pokemon. I never got a chance to play the 1st game in the series but I’m so so glad that I gave the sequel an opportunity. This game look, plays and sounds like a dream. Bright and quirky, smooth with an element of strategy and with a delightful blend of modern and boppy tunes that help along a game that has been so excellently crafted.


For this sequel, developer Level-5, have adopted a familiar approach and released two flavours of the game, Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls. Both games are identical but there are some yo-kai you can catch in one and not the other. And that’s about where the similarity to Pokemon ends.


The story revolves around the main character you play, waking up one day and having no memories of the events of the first game or that yo-kai even exist. It doesn’t take long however for the action to kick in and things resume with you along your new adventure. You’re able to see these ghostly yo-kai using a handy wristwatch which ends up doubling as a handy aid in the game as many add ons become available to you along the way. The game essentially consists of having different tasks or mini quests to complete and along the way you meet, fight and occasionally befriend the titular yo-kai which are scattered throughout the map. The yo-kai are extremely varied in appearance, personality and temperament. You can often thrown a candy to one during a battle and they’ll stop the fight and ask to be your friend.

Speaking of battles, I wasn’t expecting a battle system like this and it took me a little while to get my head around it. Effectively when you battle, you don’t have any control over the moves that the yo-kai do with the exception of the powered up super moves, healing your yo-kai and removing other abnormal statuses. The super moves are quite fun and really well animated but then again, that’s one of this game’s huge strong points: the animation.

It’s a game that looks so beautiful and better than a lot of the other games on the 3DS. Really vibrant visuals with lush colours and an extremely high level of detail for handheld graphics. I would easily say it’s one of the better looking games on the 3DS but let’s not forget that it comes from Level-5, these guys are absolute masters in what they do.

This is one game that I can’t recommend highly enough, I was telling friends about this game within 30 minutes of playing it, it hooked me that bad. Another stellar game from Level-5!

Final score: 9/10

New Trailers For Yokai Watch 2

Yokai Watch has done amazing business for Nintendo on the 3DS consistently topping the software charts in Japan. It looks like the success will continue for Nintendo and developer, Level-5, with the announcement that Yokai Watch 2 will be coming in two different versions. The two different versions are called Ganso and Honke  and will be available from July 10.

yokai watch characters

To give you a better idea, here’s two trailers. The first one is a promo video while the second one is a 15 second video for TV.

Liberation Maiden Touches Down On PS Vita

After having a successful debut on the Nintendo and a followup sequel on the PS3,  an installment from Level-5’s Liberation Maiden series is bound for the PS Vita.


Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed that the visual novel sequel follow-up, Liberation Maiden SIN, will be making the leap to Sony’s handheld. The game will launch on July 31st for Japan and will be retailing for ¥6, 800 while a digital download version will cost ¥6, 000. There’s also a limited version in the works that will set you back ¥8, 800.

The Vita version will also have some new features added in such as new CG cutscenes for one with some other touches being on the production side. Not much else is known about it at this point.

Liberation Maiden Sin trailer

Liberation Maiden was a fast, frenetic and hugely enjoyable shooter from Level-5 and Suda51 on the Nintendo 3DS. We strongly urge you to check this game out or have a look at the trailer below to see what you’re missing out on.

Now Level-5 is at it again with a sequel for the Sony PS3 but they’ve changed the format of the game somewhat.

While the first outing was a straight out, action packed shooter with multiple enemies on-screen, the follow-up, Liberation Maiden Sin, will take the form of a visual novel. The good news is that it picks up straight where the first one finished and continues to tell the story of Japanese female president, Shoko Ozora. Japan will be seeing this game in stores on December 5th for ¥7,140 or, there is an alternate release that will bundle a soundtrack cd and a drama cd for ¥9,240.

In the meantime, here’s a trailer below to get excited about.

Layton 7 to show on mobile platforms

Level-5 recently wrapped up their 2013 press conference with one particular bit of information getting fanboys all happy. Professor Layton will be coming back to the following platforms: iOS, Android and the 3DS. There’s one major difference from this new entry to past titles though.

layton 7 logo

The Professor himself won’t be making an appearance in Layton 7.

That’s right, the new Layton 7 will be an RPG puzzler focussing on the inhabitants of a small town. How this will fare is anyone’s guess but for now, entertain your curiosity with some pics from the game.

Guild 02 games coming to 3DS

Late last year saw prolific developer, Level-5, release the Guild 01 package of games to the Nintendo 3DS via the eShop. Those three games consisted of Crimson Shroud, Aero Porter and the sublime, Liberation Maiden.

News out of Japan is that they’re already putting the finishing touches on the Guild 02 batch of games with The Starship Damrey hitting the 3DS next week in North America. The game hits the States on May 16 while in Europe, they’ll see the game earlier on May 9.

[AFG_gallery id=’264′]

The game is billed as a suspense horror thriller game, coming from Kazuya Asano and Takemaru Abiko, responsible for The Night of the Sickle WeaselYou, as the player, wake up on the title ship with a bout of amnesia and therefore have to do the obligatory search and work out what exactly is going on. The game description has the ominous statement, discover why nothing is more frightening than complete innocence.”

Trailer For Level-5’s Youkai Watch

Level-5 will have a new game coming out for the Nintendo 3DS on the 11th of July in Japan. Youkai Watch, or Ghost Watch, will be released for retail purchase and via the eShop if you’re a fan of the digital download.

In the game, you’ll have the option of selecting either a boy or girl to represent you in the game. The boy is named Keeta while the girl is known as Fumi, they’ll both fight against ghosts and collect them. Sounds a bit like Pokemon, yes? The Youkai Watch in the game will allow you to utilise it allowing you to meet other ghosts in the game. It’s such a beautiful looking game with the usual Level-5 flair, the visuals are extremely fluid and a joy to watch.

Sounds like a unique and interesting game, as yet there is no Western release but fingers crossed it graces our fair shores.

Level-5 Working On PS4 Title

Prolific developer, Level-5, fresh off the heels of delivering an amazing game in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch today announced they’ve just started work on a game for Sony’s next console, the Playstation 4.

ps4 controller

Akihiro Hino, the CEO and President of Level-5, recently went on record with the following statement, “It’s still in the planning stages, but we are also working on a PlayStation 4 title.” The statement was made during an interview with Nikkei Trendy. When asked about the PS4, he responded with, “PlayStation 4 is next-gen hardware built with the network in mind, so more than graphics performance and specs, we need to think about communication—how to use the network features.”

He also chimed in with his thoughts on the PS Vita saying he thought the new price drop was a great idea but that Sony would need to release more strategic titles simultaneously for it make a bigger impact.

55 Minutes Of Fantasy Life

The Nintendo 3DS exclusive title, Fantasy Life from Level-5 and Brownie Brown, was recently released in Japan and Nintendomination has managed to snag themselves the first 55 minutes of the game.

Fantasy Life is a Role Playing Game which allows you to choose how your in game character will be represented. This is done at the start of the game by choosing male or female, hairstyles, eye colour, hair colour, etc.

As with all the more cooler games from Japan, there is no word as yet whether this unique title will be released in the West. It’s a stunningly lush looking game, check out the trailer below.

Tokyo Game Show 2012 trailer