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Unboxing: The Last Guardian Limited Edition

I had been waiting for The Last Guardian on any Playstation platform for the longest time, I imagine like a lot other gaming fans as well. When I heard that it was finally being released this year for the PS4, I couldn’t believe it and pre-ordered the limited edition of the collector’s edition anyways. Well, I’m so glad I did as this things is absolutely stunning and totally exceeded my expectations of what I thought I was going to be receiving!

Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls For PS Vita

Now this one has me excited…a Limited Edition release of Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls for the PS Vita.


Look at all the awesomeness that comes with it. Artbook, PS Vita skin, Iffy’s Chunni pillowcase, Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Official Soundtrack, Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls Official Art Book, reversible cover sleeve and a Collector’s box with slipcover.

Pretty awesome, right? And if you need more convincing, here’s the opening cinematic movie:

Pre-orders for this amazing edition start on September 15 from the Idea Factory International online store. This game version has been localised for the West so that’s a bonus!

Dragon Quest Monsters 2 gets Japanese release date

One of the most anticipated games in Japan has received a release date. Dragon Quest Monsters 2: Iru and Luca’s Wonderful Mysterious Keys will be hitting the 3DS on February 6th, 2014. Square Enix have set a price of ¥5,490 and have also announced that there will be a special edition bundle released on the same day.

dragon quest monsters 2 3DS

The special edition will contain a 3DS XL with a new and unique Dragon Quest Monsters 2 theme with the iconic blue Slimes littering the cover. The bundle will also include a copy of the game. This will set you back ¥24, 390 while another bundle called the limited edition figure set will also be releasing on the same day. This set will cost ¥6,990 and will include the game and smaller figures of Iru & Luca.

If you pre-order the game, depending on where you pre-order it from, you will also be receiving different bonuses.

  • Lawson and Ministop – “Berry Slime” monster and “Dexterity Sword” weapon
  • Tsutaya – “Lime Slime” monster and “Passion Whip” weapon
  • Ion – “Peach Slime” monster and “Figurative Magic Wand” weapon
  • Square Enix e-Store – “Lemon Slime” monster and “Thief Hatchet” weapon

Monster Hunter 4 3DS units close up

We mentioned recently the limited edition 3DS units that Capcom are bringing out in Japan for the launch of Monster Hunter 4 inSeptember.

Today we can you close up shots of the 2 3DS units in question and boy, they look gorgeous!

[AFG_gallery id=’290′]

In case you’re wondering what Goa Magara is, it’s the mascot monster for MH4 and can be seen in the artwork for the front cover.


Ace Attorney 5 Limited Edition Figure Pack

Capcom has something completely awesome up their sleeve for the release of Ace Attorney 5 on the Nintendo 3DS. A Limited Edition box set with some amazing swag thrown in. The pack will ship with the game, some chibi stickers, a 3DS carry pouch and the best til last, a 1/10 scale figure of Phoenix Wright holding a dramatic pose as seen in the game.


The figure is being put together by manufacturer, Sentinel, and the only place to get it will be via Capcom’s online store. This amazing bundle will set you back ¥9,990. There are other bundles as well through the store, one of which offers the figure and unique sleeve for ¥8,990 and there’s also the stickers, sleeve and pouch for ¥7,590. The regular edition of the game will also come with three of the special sleeves.

[AFG_gallery id=’240′]

Vita Specific Features For Dead Or Alive 5 Plus

A new Japanese trailer has hit the interwebs for upcoming PS Vita fighter, Dead or Alive 5 Plus. The trailer shows off some new features that are specific to the Vita version such as 1st person Touch Play mode and cross play with competitors on the PS3 version.

The trailer also skims over some of the goodies that come with the Limited Edition version featuring the soundtrack CD, the “I’m a Fighter” Vita skin, a download code for DLC costumes plus loads more. March 20 is the day the DOA5 Plus hits stores so start checking with your favourite importers if you want to snag yourself the Limited Edition version.

One Piece PSP Bundle For Japan

The anime, One Piece, does amazing business in Japan more so than what it probably does in other parts of the world and now Sony are acknowledging that by releasing a new One Piece bundle for the Sony PSP.

The bundle will also be promoting the latest One Piece title, One Piece Romance Dawn, which releases on December 2o, the same day that the game releases into stores. The pack will include the game, a wall charger and a special limited edition straw hat crew PSP model.

The bundle will set you back ¥19,780 so watch out for it in stores or check your preferred importer in December. I don’t know about you but that PSP model looks pretty damn hot!

Japanese Club Nintendo 3DS Units

I blogged a while back about the special 3DS units that Club Nintendo of Japan are offering via a raffle system which some one can enter by buying any two selected games and registering the game’s code. Nintendo will then choose lucky gamers at random to receive one of the 3DS units of their choosing. There have been 1000 allocated for Japan and we have since learnt that there are are also 1000 allocated for Australia.

Well today some pics of the in units in the wild, so to speak, have begun to surface of lucky Japanese gamers that have begun to receive their limited editions already and don’t they look amazing. Fingers crossed, we score one too!


[AFG_gallery id=’56’]

Limited Edition For The Last Story

The European arm of Nintendo have released some shots for the limited edition packaging for Japanese RPG, ‘The Last Story’. But it’s not all just looks, the limited edition will be shipping with a mini art book, a soundtrack cd with seven tracks and a premium steel book which should be great for collectors. This packaging along with the game both look absolutely amazing.



Look for it around February 24th, it should be one of the last swan songs for the Wii before more concrete news of the Wii U emerge.

Gorgeous Limited Edition Zelda 3DS

My Nintendo News have just revealed the absolutely gorgeous limited edition black Zelda 3DS model that Nintendo intends on releasing later this year. There really are no words, just feast your eyes on the pic below and if you’re mot moved then check your pulse 🙂

Absolutely sublime

It’s hitting Europe later this year, no firm ETA as yet but if Nintendo are doing this then I hope the Monster Hunter 3DS isn’t far behind either.

UPDATE: This will be releasing across Europe on November 25th, nothing mentioned as yet for USA