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Puella Magi Madoka Magica Lingerie

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday…lingerie crossing over into the world of anime. Specifically, a series that has a massive fanbase, Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

puella lingerie 1

These sets are based around the two characters, Sayaka and Kyoko. Eager eyes will notice that the lingerie matches the principal colours of the characters as well.

sayaka puella

kyoko puella

puella lingerie 2

Sayaka’s bra also pays homage to the series by having a dangling charm in the shape of a fortissimo musical annotation.

puella lingerie 3

puella lingerie 4

puella lingerie 5

The Kyoko set also shows its roots by having a black ribbon in the bra just like the one she uses to keep her hair in a ponytail.

kyoko bra

puella lingerie 6

puella lingerie 7

The sets will sell for ¥8, 800 each and can be purchased online via Super Groupies. If you’re looking for the Kyoko set, click here and for the Sayaka set, go here.

Yummy Mart Pokemon Lingerie Collection

Is everyone 18+ around here? Excellent stuff, this next post may be a bit much for the younger readers. Peach John is an apparel maker from Japan and one of their sister brands is YUMMY MART who have just announced that they’re going to be releasing a 5 piece Pokemon lingerie set. Yes that’s right…Pokemon lingerie.

poke lingerie 1

The models seen in these pictures (Risa Nakamura, Tomoco Nozaki and Monica Sahara) are wearing the lingerie lineup consisting of pyjamas, underwear, Pikachu ponchos and sleep masks.

poke lingerie 2

poke lingerie 3

Unfortunately the Pikachu plushie bra won’t be up for purchase, it’ll be used as a promo and displayed at their YUMMY MART stores at Ikebukuro Parco, Shibuya 109 and Shibuya Parco.

Bear Lingerie? Only In Japan!

Remember I ran a post about cat lingerie doing the rounds in Japan recently? It seems like more animals are jumping on the sexy lingerie bandwagon as now bear lingerie is a thing in Japan. The lingerie comes with five individual pieces and is called the “Kaizoku Kuma” or Pirate Bear outfit if you please. *Ahem*

It’s very cute though with fangs on the top half, ears, shorts, suspenders and more. And the bra top doesn’t leave much to the imagination. As the saying goes, pictures are worth a thousand words, so roll them!

Too cute, right?

Source: Rocket News

Bullet Girls 2 Trailer Is Saucy…

Bullet Girls on the PS Vita was a great game, one that you couldn’t really play in public…but a great fun game nonetheless. The premise consists of girls running around with guns and shooting at other girls. Not so saucy yet  but what happens when you shoot the enemy? Well, have a look below:

Get the drift? Right. So it’s no surprise to hear the news of a sequel coming out with more over the top and twitchy shooting action. Bullet Girls 2 promises more action, tougher challenges, loads more customisation and yes, more scantily clad girls. Feast your eyes on the 5 minute PV for the game here:

As you can see, it looks like a game to be played in the comfort, and security, of your own home. The first one offered fantastic fun, the sequel looks set to deliver heaps more. Keep an eye out for it on your favourite import site when it hits up the PS Vita on April 21st, 2016.

Cat Keyhole Bra Set?

Now this is sexy and cute all at the same time. Some new lingerie is hitting the streets which is clearly drawing inspiration from the cat girl below and seen in many different anime’s.

keyhole cat

The new lingerie has a keyhole cutout in the bosom area shaped like a cat’s head. Like all good lingerie, it comes in two different “flavours”: vanilla and chocolate. Does this mean you can eat it? That remains to be seen but in the meantime, enjoy the gallery below. Oh and before anyone asks, no…there aren’t any other keyholes cut out anywhere else on the lingerie.

Sailor Moon Lingerie Models

Have you ever wondered how the ladies of Sailor Moon would go if they were lingerie models? No? Just us then. Well, that question can now be answered with a resounding “amazing!”

[AFG_gallery id=’397′]

These stunning illustrations are the work of Chinese artist, SoudWrong, who has also included side characters in her vision. So what do you think? Have any favourites?

Disney Does Princess Lingerie

We posted a piece recently about Sailor Moon lingerie being made available through the Premium Bandai online store. Now it seems that Disney has jumped into the fray with news that the House that Mickey built will also have their own lingerie line.

disney lingerie 1

Bellemaison‘s Disney Fantasy Shop, a Japanese retailer, has released a range of princess panties and bras. The princesses in question are Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle and Aurora. They’ll be selling for ¥3,990.

Sailor Moon Lingerie? That’s Right.

Premium Bandai keep cranking out the Sailor Moon merchandise and this time, it’s taken a turn towards the adult market. This is all part of the 20th anniversary for Sailor Moon, who has teamed up with Peach John, a successful Japanese brand. There are 4 different sets available for pre-order now.

sailor moon birthday 5

You can get a Sailor Moon Bra Set, Sailor Moon Panties, Sailor Moon Narikiri/Costume Bra Set and Sailor Moon Pajamas. The Nakiri set is pretty cool as it comes up with shorts and bra that have been designed from the 5 Sailor soldiers.Those being Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Venus. If you take a pre-order, you can expect the goods to start delivering February,2014.

[AFG_gallery id=’356′]

Victoria’s Secret Infringes Evangelion Suit

Lingerie brand house, Victoria’s Secret, held a fashion last week with a surprise addition that caught many people off guard. During the show, model Jourdan Dunn, took to the catwalk in a suit that look like it took all kinds of inspiration from the Eva suits as worn in cult classic anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Evangelion production studio, Gainax, was immediately asked for their thoughts on this and whether or not the suit had been officially sanctioned by them. They responded that they had no idea and they definitely didn’t authorise the reproduction of the suit. At least the suit was based on Japandaman’s favourite NGE character, Rei Ayanami.

J-Cast, the Japanese entertainment portal, approached Gainax asking if it was a tie in for the third Evangelion movie, You Can (Not) Redo, to which they replied that it wasn’t. In fact, Gainax was alerted to this event via the internet at the same time as everyone else. No word as yet as to the action that Gainax will be taking seeing as they are extremely protective of their NGE franchise considering that the series reaps in millions of dollars annually for them.

[AFG_gallery id=’176′]

Hopefully we’ll hear more of this in the near future especially the actions, if any, that Gainax takes. And yes, that is Justin Bieber performing on stage.

G.NA Shoots For Lingerie Brand, “Lefee”

Popular K-Pop songstress, G.NA, has just recently been chosen to model for a lingerie brand called, “Lefee”, in particular to showcase their Winter & Fall collection for 2012.

September 6th saw the release of a pictorial with G.NA where she modelled with the theme being “working career woman”, where show showed off Lefee’s “work bra”. The series of photographs also show G.NA with a hat and baseball jacket and as the typical girl next door with jean shorts and casual attire. G.NA completes the transformation into a career woman by wearing a sweater and pencil skirt.

Fans of G.NA had the following comment to make, “Although she didn’t reveal too much, she is still so sexy.”