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Scandal Has Future Plans With Robot

J-Pop foursome, Scandal, have just revealed their future plans for a collaboration of a different kind. They’re going to launch a collaboration with a robot on a new project called, ‘Robot・Scandal‘.


From the commercial facility, Grand Front Osaka, they will send out new contents bound for the rest of the world. This begins in Osaka on April 26 from the Umekita district. Jointly with a robot designed by Takahashi Tomotaka and named Robi, they will be creating a new song and dance MV to go along with it. In late July, at the same venue, the girls will be performing the song live.

Member RINA had the following statement on her blog,

I think Osaka will become an even greater city. There are many people who move to Tokyo in order to make their dreams come true, but I’m certain that Osaka will become an area overflowing with chances. I was born in Osaka, raised in Nara, and made a band in Osaka. It will always be a special place. I want it to always be a lively city.

Official Theatre To Open For SKE48

Great news from Japan with the reveal that AKB48 spin-off group, SKE48, will be having their very own performance theatre opening soon.

The theatre will be opening on December 9th bringing them in line with the other spin-off groups who all have their own theatres where fans can see them perform. The news was announced during a recent live performance of their current hit, “Kiss Datte Hidarikiki“ after which member Matsui Rena announced, “Yay! Yay! I’m excited!”, via her Google+ page.

SKE48 have been using the SUNSHINE SAKAE 2F ‘SUNSHINE STUDIO‘ as a temporary base for their shows, this same venue will be stripped, renovated and made ready to be used as a fulltime theatre base for SKE48. Details on the opening performance for the newly decked venue will be forthcoming at a later date.

Ex-AKB48 Member Returns To The Spotlight

Hirajima Natsumi, aged 20 and one time member of Japanese idol group AKB48, has announced her return to the entertainment industry.

Natsumi will taking to the stage on October 24 in a production of  “GO, JET! GO! GO! ~ I LOVE YOU ga Ienakute~” which will be taking place at Shinjuku SPACE107 in Tokyo. Hirajima had the following to say about the announcement, “I’m looking forward to starting practice”.

It was only in January 2012 that she left the idol group after pics were leaked to the public of her being with a man. Despite this, her contract wasn’t broken but she decided to leave the industry behind. She took this time to commence studies at University which she has said she really enjoys. She has also begun taking English classes in preparation for her travelling abroad.

Another ex-AKB48 member will also be starring with her in the play, Urano Kazumi aged 26, is a former first generation member and close friend of Hirajima.

Hirajima had one final comment on these news,  “I am really happy to be performing with Cindy (Urano). It’s been awhile since we’ve been on stage together, so I’m really excited. I’ll work my hardest”.

Bleach Rock Musical Reprise Call It A Day

September 9 was the date when the Bleach Rock Musical Reprise wrapped up production sending all the parties back to the Soul Society, or something along those lines.

The production ran for 13 shows and was based at the Shinagawa Stellar Ball, to mark the occasion, the official YouTube channel uploaded an interview with main star, Norizuki Kouhei, playing the role of Ichigo Kurosaki. They also posted a highlight reel of the show which can be seen below.

There will be an official DVD release of the show which will hit stores on November 16 in case you didn’t catch the show in Japan. We’ve also added pics of the cast in costume which looks amazing and very much like they stepped right out of the anime.

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Girls’ Generation Hits Up Paris

K-Pop super girl group are continuing their attempt at world domination by hitting up Europe after leaving the USA. Fresh off their debut on the David Letterman show and Live with Kelly!, the girls have hit the shores of Paris and made an appearance on the number one talk show, “Le Grand Journal”.

It has been confirmed that their album, ‘The Boys’ will be receiving a release in Paris making it the first time a K-Pop album has been released in this part of the globe. The last time a Korean song was released in France was way back in the 70’s and the group was Koreana and it was only a single, so this is absolutely huge for Girls’ Generation and for K-Pop in general.

Below you’ll find the clip of them performing on “Le Grand Journal” with their smash hit, ‘The Boys.’


Gotta love the fans’ reactions and the hosts as well, they got into the performance completely but what’s not to love, right?