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Lotteria’s New EVERYTHING Burger

In a case of why, oh why, Japan’s burger chain, Lotteria, has released a new burger with everything and the kitchen sink in it. Just take a look at the burger below to see what I’m talking about.

lotteria burger

Not sure if Lotteria is competing with McDonald’s and their Giga and Great Big Macs but this one is having me scratch my head on how you would even start to eat it. The Burger with Everything on It it (“Zenbu Nose Burger”) is back for a strictly limited time. No doubt after you scoff this down, you won’t be hungry for the rest of the day…maybe? For those in Japan and daring themselves to eat this, it’ll cost you ¥1,350 and will only be on sale until May 31st, 2016.

New Attack On Titan Burger Collaboration

Must be the size of the Titans from the hit show, Attack on Titan, that has Lotteria promoting Titan burgers. We’ve seen the multi layered heart attack inducing Titan burger from Lotteria now we have a new promotion to entice us.

lotteria titan

Beginning on April 25th, anyone who indulges in a teriyaki burger or a cheeseburger, fries with a small drink, they’ll be able to pick up a Levi clearfile or a Titan mini towel.

titan promo

And let’s not forget the Titan bucket of fries!

titan fries

Attack On Titan Burger: The Video

We posted recently about fast food chain, Lotteria, teaming up with Attack on Titan, to produce some burgers of absolutely, dare I say it, Titan proportions. Today we stumbled across this video from YouTube user, Subtokyo, taking that challenge, braving the possible heart attack and tackling the burger. Let’s see what happens!

Subtokyo, we salute you for taking the Titan head on, you’ve done the Survey Corps proud!

titan salute

Attack On Titan Burgers For Japan

In another tasty crossover collaboration, Attack on Titan has teamed up with Lotteria, a fast food take out place. Lotteria has also done some cross promotions in the past with Evangelion, K-ON!, Madoka and Berserk.

aot lott 1

Running the 6th of March through to the 20th of March, you’ll be able to stroll into a Lotteria store and pick up one of the 5, 7 or 10 “meter class” stacks of delicious cheeseburgers. They’ll also have a massive serving of fries called the Potato Girl Sasha. But it wouldn’t be Japan unless there were some great freebies thrown in. You can also get  3D maneuver gear keychain and hamburger or blade (Eren) or a (Mikasa) shrimp burger voucher when you purchase a burger. If you opt for the fries instead, you can pick up a burger (Levi) shrimp burger voucher (Annie) or instead, fries with an emblem badge.

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Sadako shows up at burger chain

Sadako, that creepy long haired girl from the “The Ring” movies has managed to show up yet again in another creepy cross promotion. To get the crowds ready for “Sadako 3D2”, sequel to last year’s, “Ringu”, burger chain LOTTERIA has managed to recruit her as their honorary manager.



The LOTTERIA restuarant at Ikebukuro at Sunshine Street is offering a dessert for a limited time called Sadako’s Chilling Shake. Beginning from August 9th the horrific treat will be on sale until mid September. The sweet dessert itself is a delicious ramune soda slushie loaded with delicious chocolate syrup topped off with a jet black straw which is meant to represent Sadako’s hair.

sadako_lotteria 2


She was set up to dish out shakes to customers for a little while before resuming normal duties of managing the store wearing a LOTTERIA store hat, all the time store speakers were blaring “SCREAM” from K-Pop duo, TVXQ. She also clung to the store windows frightening passer-by’s as they went about their business. After all that, she calmly wiped the store down and went home for the day.

sadako_lotteria 3

Evangelion 3.33 Inspired 9 Patty Burger

Evangelion 3.33 is coming out on home DVD and Blu Ray soon in Japan prompting many collaborations and cross overs with the Evangelion franchise. But Japanese fast food chain, Lotteria, has pulled out all the stops for the latest burger inspired by the series. They have produced what would have to be a heart attack inducing burger called the “Q Dan Cheese Burger” measuring in with a mammoth 9 beef patties and matching slices of cheese.

evangelion burger


The name is a play on words with “kyu” being 9 in Japanese transferring as the “Q” in the name. The burget goes on sale from April 24th and also comes with a Spear of Longinus fork to help you eat this monstrosity of a beef burger!