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New J-Stars Victory VS screenshots

A handful of new images have just been released for the upcoming PS3/PS Vita brawler, J-Stars Victory VS. The game is being released to mark the momentous occasion of Shonen Jump turning 45 and brings quite a few of the publication’s characters. What we know so far is that stars from One Piece, Bleach, Kochikame, Gintama, Toriko, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin, Hunter x Hunter, and possibly some more, have all been thrown into the mix.

[AFG_gallery id=’308′]

How good is this game looking? We can’t wait for this to be completed so we can get our hands on it! Here’s hoping they add more characters into the mix either selectable fighters or even if they make cameos as assist characters.

3DS receives another One Piece game

We only reported yesterday that the PSP game, One Piece: Romance Dawn, was being ported to the Nintendo 3DS, today we hear that another One Piece game is coming to the handheld.

bandai one piece 2

The game is called One Piece: Unlimited World Red and as yet doesn’t have a release date but we do know that the game will allow up to 4 gamers to take part and all get involved. The scanned image below shows some of what to expect, such as a scene from the Punk Hazard story arc which saw and Luffy and friends take on the dragon from the storyline.

one piece scan

Bandai starts year long mini-toy project

Bandai recently set off on their ambitious year-long “One Piece Mini-toy ANNIVERSARY YEAR PROJECT” via their Candy Division. The project aims to commemorate the selling of over 10 million mini-toys in the style of “Extreme One Piece Styling (including One Piece Styling)” series. It will also mark the 10 year anniversary of commencing sales of the “One Piece Collection (including One Piece Figure Collection).”

bandai one piece 1

The first set to be up for sale will be the “Extreme One Piece Styling KIMONO STYLE”, which is a 5 figure set bringing together Sanji, Zoro, Chopper and Luffy which will retail for ¥950 each. The second set to be released will be one containing the not to be messed with characters of the East Blue. “One Piece Collection The Course to the Pirate King” will have 11 pieces and one bonus piece which will go for ¥250 each.

bandai one piece 2

As the year progresses more figures and sets will announced prior to their release in this “ANNIVERSARY YEAR”. There is talk already of a third set in the works and more.

The first two sets, “Extreme One Piece Styling KIMONO STYLE” and “One Piece Collection The Course to the Pirate King”, will hit the streets in July.

One Piece: Pirate Warrior 2 DLC News

Fresh on the heels of the release of One Piece: Pirate Warrior 2 for the PS3 and the PS Vita today in Japan, V Jump has lifted the lid on some of the DLC that’s available now for the brawling action game.

Luffy and Zoro will have outfits ready for them inspired by the recent movie, Film Z, while the ladies aren’t being left out. Robin and Nami will be able to join the likes of Perona and Hancock by sporting outfits from the Dynasty Warriors series.

On top of these news, Namco Bandai have gone and posted a whole slew of gameplay videos which you can catch below, the videos feature Zoro, the admirals, Garp and Frankie.

Awesome One Piece Bento Boxes

School kids in Japan are so lucky, apart from having a healthy nutritious lunch, they get to have it presented in a way that only a few of us will see.

One lucky child in Japan whose mother also happens to be a doctor, takes the time out to make her son a different One Piece bento box. Every day. She also takes time out to run a blog in which provided instructions on how she puts it all together so readers can also take part in the fun.

Just feast your eyes on the images below, the bento boxes look amazing and they’re all edible, truly fantastic. She also dabbles in some other franchises such as Nintendo’s Mario, Dragon Ball Z and a couple more. What a cool mum! If you want to check out her Japanese blog, you can click here.

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Bleach & One Piece Heroes Drawn Before Your Eyes

VIZ Media recently posted a video for the promotion of their Shonen Jump Alpha digital manga anthology showing manga authors, Tite KuboEiichiro Oda, drawing Ichigo from Bleach and Luffy from One Piece, respectively.

It’s amazing to see these artists draw these heroes right before your eyes, transforming what was a blank canvas into a piece of art.

Tite Kubo drawing Ichigo ~ Bleach

Eiichiro Oda drawing Luffy ~ One Piece

One Piece Film Z Video Promo

The latest entry in the One Piece series has launched in the cinemas over the weekend so we thought we’d show a quick promo clip for the movie.

One Piece Film Z will feature Luffy and friends battling their toughest adversary to date and yes, that is Avril Lavigne screaming in the background to ‘Bad Reputation’.

The movie also includes the opening theme by Yasutaka Nakata from capsule called, “Zeal”.

New One Piece Watch Hits Japan

A Japanese mail order retailer, Imperial Enterprise, has commenced taking pre-orders for a snazzy new One Piece wristwatch. The watch is from the “New World ~Aratanaru Shishin (Next Pose)~” from their One Piece Premium Collection which started selling yesterday.

The watch face features the fiddlehead of Thousand Sunny, the New World Log Pose, the 3D2Y message from Luffy and the the Straw Hat Pirates flag. This all comes bundled in a cool wooden box which also features the Thousand Sunny logo. There will be 9,999 units of this limited edition watch which will set you back ¥29,300, so it isn’t cheap but it sure is pretty!

One Piece Special To Air In December

In Japan, Fuji TV has made the announcement that viewers can expect to see a One Piece special in December. One Piece Episode of Luffy: Hand Island no Bōken (One Piece Episode of Luffy: The Hand Island Adventure) looks set to air on Japanese television on December 15th at 9PM. This is a change from the normal One Piece anime which tends to broadcast in the morning and not in the evening prime time slot.

The special that will be broadcast is a different story arc to the four specials that will commence airing on December 2nd, this actually ties in with the One Piece feature film, One Piece Z. This feature film will begin screening in Japanese cinemas on December 15. The special will be looked over by the manga creator, Eiichiro Oda, who is also looking after the feature film.

Hand Island no Bōken special is set before the events portrayed in One Piece Z and shows a “Hand Island” event which takes place across the New World storyline.