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Madoka Magica Event For Japan

The annual Golden Week holidays have just finished in Japan, occurring between May 3 – 6 and this year, there was an extra special event. The area in Japan known as Ikebukuro hosted a Madoka Magica event which turned out to be very popular.

madoka event 1

The event featured life sized figures of the girls, cafe style drinks and special appearance by the voice actors Emiri Kato, Ai Nonaka, Aoi Yuuki and Kaori Mizuhashi. Prior to the event, attendees were warned to expect waits of up 90 minutes and then some, so bringing your own water to the event was essential.

madoka event 2

madoka event 3

madoka event 4


If you happen to be in Osaka in the coming week, you can catch the event there from May 17 – 18.

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Sonico Anime Figma Sells Out

The first volume of the anime, Super Sonico, have been in pre-order status since yesterday with the release of the anime due to be in March 19 this year. However stock of the limited edition version of the anime have completely dried up and sold out!

This is due to the addition of an amazing bonus in the form of an original figma Super Sonico swimsuit version. In fact, so many otaku went nuts with the pre-order that it pushed it straight into the 2nd spot on Japan Amazon’s anime list. Second only to the home release of Madoka Magica: Rebellion. It’s an awesome pack which also comes with Original character designer Santa Tsuji original illustration bromide, Character designer Masafumi Tamura original illustration digipack, Special booklet and a Character designer Masafumi Tamura original digipack illustration bromide.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at the cool pics below.

Trailer for blu ray release of Madoka Magica

With the home Blu-ray release of  Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies Part 1 –Beginnings- and Part 2 –Eternal- imminent, Aniplex recently started the hype machine rolling by releasing a new trailer for it. There will two edition available for the fan, being the standard and the collector’s edition. Both editions hit the streets on the 30th of July.


Theatrical trailers will be included in both versions and special openings and endings without any text to get in the way. The import version of the Blu-ray will have six different languages available for the subtitles. The Limited edition Blu-ray will have new cover art bundled in as well as the original soundtrack cd and and a snazzy deluxe booklet.

Two Voice Actresses Form Singing Duo

Two voice actresses from a couple of leading anime shows have joined forces and become a pop duo. Seiyuu Aoi Yuuki and Ayana Taketatsu have decided to band together and call themselves “Petit Milady” or PuchiMire if the short version is more your thing.

Petit Milady

Seiyuu Aoi Yuuki provides the voice for lead character in Madoka Magica while Ayana Taketatsu takes care of Kirino in Oreimo and Leafa from Sword Art Online. There have been teasers around Japan alluding to this pairing including a banners on the UDX building in Akihabara with the slogan, “From two seiyuu no one could have imagined, a new unit is born”.

Their lead song, “Kagami no Dual-ism”, has been revealed as the theme track to Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal II and “100% Cider Girl” will be used for their radio show which launches in April. Both tracks will be released on a single on May 15 with a site you can check out here.

The teasers can be seen below as well as some behind the scenes of their photo shoot.

Madoka Magica Anime Receives Game

Madoka Magica is a very popular anime in Japan that tells the supernatural tale of a group of beings that have the ability to grant one wish to anyone they desire. Sounds so good so far, the catch? That person must then take up the mantle and become a warrior and fight the evil monsters that responsible for murder and suicide in the world. Sounds very dark and dreary, therefore making for a great video game 🙂

Namco Bandai have teamed up with Nitro Plus to produce a PSP spin off game from the anime. Apparently the game will have a dark dungeon setting offering a turn based fighting system. The game will follow the plot of the anime but will also be offering some fresh new content that is original from the anime and will have been unseen by fans.

As per usual with most game releases in Japan, there will two flavours on offer come launch. The first will be the standard edition at ¥6,480 and the obligatory, limited edition which will be shipping with an illustration collection, a figma, a handkerchief plus more unannounced bonuses. The limited edition will set you back ¥11,900. However, fans wanting to import will have a long wait on their hands as the game isn’t due for completion until March 15th 2012…still quite a few sleeps away 🙁

To tide you over though, have a trailer of the movie adaptation instead that a fan mocked up 🙂 Still pretty good…