Anime Spotlight

Madoka Magica Summer Updates

Fans of Madoka Magica will be chomping at the bit for these next set of news. The girls from the series will be receiving an update for the digital card game during the Summer season. There’s camping gear with a Summer theme as well as circus inspired outfits, just to name a couple. [AFG_gallery id=’404′]


Madoka Magica Event For Japan

The annual Golden Week holidays have just finished in Japan, occurring between May 3 – 6 and this year, there was an extra special event. The area in Japan known as Ikebukuro hosted a Madoka Magica event which turned out to be very popular. The event featured life sized figures of the girls, cafe style […]

Anime Figures

Sonico Anime Figma Sells Out

The first volume of the anime, Super Sonico, have been in pre-order status since yesterday with the release of the anime due to be in March 19 this year. However stock of the limited edition version of the anime have completely dried up and sold out! This is due to the addition of an amazing […]


Trailer for blu ray release of Madoka Magica

With the home Blu-ray release of  Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies Part 1 –Beginnings- and Part 2 –Eternal- imminent, Aniplex recently started the hype machine rolling by releasing a new trailer for it. There will two edition available for the fan, being the standard and the collector’s edition. Both editions hit the streets on the 30th of July. […]

Anime Music

Two Voice Actresses Form Singing Duo

Two voice actresses from a couple of leading anime shows have joined forces and become a pop duo. Seiyuu Aoi Yuuki and Ayana Taketatsu have decided to band together and call themselves “Petit Milady” or PuchiMire if the short version is more your thing. Seiyuu Aoi Yuuki provides the voice for lead character in Madoka Magica while Ayana Taketatsu takes […]


Madoka Magica Anime Receives Game

Madoka Magica is a very popular anime in Japan that tells the supernatural tale of a group of beings that have the ability to grant one wish to anyone they desire. Sounds so good so far, the catch? That person must then take up the mantle and become a warrior and fight the evil monsters […]