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Nintendo Utilises Pop Group To Push 3DS In Taiwan

Nintendo has been known to employ the services of pop stars in the past such as when they required the star status of K-Pop group, Girls’ Generation, to advertise the 3DS in Korea.


Now they’re looking at doing something similar with the lucrative Taiwanese market by employing the services of girl group, S.H.E., to star in commercials for the 3DS. The girls will be doing commercials for Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land. Nintendo have gone one step further by allowing you to copy the Miis of the girls to your 3DS via the scanning of their QR codes which you can find below and underneath, a clip of the girls in action performing their hit, Shero, from a couple of years ago.


Animal Crossing Breaks Through 2M Sales For Japan

One of the most popular titles in Japan for the 3DS has continued its winning streak by becoming the first game to break through the 2 million units sold barrier.


Animal Crossing New Leaf was only released in November but it’s already proven that it’s a huge hit with the Japanese gaming public. ACNL managed to beat out other huge franchises such as Mario Kart 7, Monster Hunter 3G and Super Mario 3D Land to the record breaking milestone.

NeoGAF user, Road, has made a fancy animated graph showing off the rise and success of the Animal Crossing in sales compared to other titles, it’s amazing to watch!

NeoGAF link


Nintendo Direct Update – Mario Kart 7 Site Opens

Nintendo revealed during their conference that they’ve opened a new site for upcoming 3DS title, Mario Kart 7. The site features the usual articles as in how to play, characters, courses, cart customisation, items and online play. The site goes on to mention that 16 new courses have been added bringing the total number of tracks to 32 including the courses that are returning from past Mario Kart games. You can also view videos on the site from the Kinoko Cup and Koura Cup right now.

As far as characters go, there’ll be 12 characters making a return as well as the ability to use your Miis in the race.

With the cart customisation, this has been broken down into three different sections: frame, glider and tires. During the race, the coins you collect can be used to acquire new parts for your cart for unique and original combinations.

Under the network play section, it mentions that races between 8 friends will be supported across the world. The options screen will let you choose to race between friends, people you’ve raced against and people you’ve StreetPassed with. The networking feature will also allow you to create a community where your friends can gather and meet before racing online. You can add friends to your community as you like.

On the site, there are examples of the community feature at work where it shows a “Nearby Community” which could be your neighbours, for example, and an “Overseas Community” which would host your overseas friends. Each player can make up to 8 different communities. Creating a community generates a code which you then give to friends, they can then search for your group using this code and join your community. As well as that, Nintendo will be sending out “Recommended Communities” through the SpotPass function.

The site doesn’t make mention of the Mario Kart channel that was mentioned during the presentation, the channel will be used to present all the information you’ve gathered in StreetPass and SpotPass encounters.

The link for the official site is below so if you can’t wait and want to see more, get clicking.

Mario Kart 7 Official Site

Nintendo 3DS Conference This Friday

In an interesting turn of events, Nintendo have announced that they’ll be holding another conference this coming Friday, 21/10/2011, in Japan. The event will be happening at 8PM local Japan time, making it 10PM AEDST. No firm news on what exactly will be covered but we have heard that the planned November update will be a topic as well as possibly more news regarding Mario Kart 7.

For those eager to tune in, there will be a live stream of the event, no doubt in Japanese, but it’ll still be cool to watch. The link for the live stream can be found below.

Live Stream Link

New 3DS Games Box Art Revealed

Some new box art was revealed yesterday for two of the biggest games to appear on 3DS. First up there’s the box art for Mario Kart 7 which looks very sweet as well as the box art for Super Mario 3D Land which also looks very cool and 3D-ish 🙂 Can’t wait for either of these games to come out, should be awesome with the online play that Mario Kart will bring and the lush visuals shown of for Mario Land make it a must get!