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Square Enix Teases Marvel Collab?

A very interesting teaser trailer hit the interwebs recently hinting at a possible collaboration between Square Enix and Marvel, of all people. This has got me personally salivating at the thought of an RPG with SE mechanics but set in the Marvel Universe with The Avengers. The other credits listed in the trailer are Crystal Dynamics who you may recall from Tomb Raider and PS1 classic game, Gex. Either way, this project is coming with no release date yet but you can bet that the #reassemble will start getting some exposure very quickly.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange Receives Manga In Japan

The latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is Doctor Strange which is doing great business in the cinema. Over in Japan, Kodansha have announced that their magazine Weekly Shounen, will be publishing a manga which serves as a prequel to the film.


The manga is called “Doctor Strange: Episode 0” and illustrating duties will be handled byChiba Tetsuya , who also happens to be a Marvel fan. This isn’t the first time that Kodansha has dabbled with Marvel, they also previously teamed up for a crossover involving Attack On Titan.

Captain America/Iron Man Ramen Hits Japan

Looks like the latest entry into the MCU, Captain America: Civil War, is such a juggernaut of success that it’s spilled over into mainstream Japan as well. Ramen chain, Ippudo, teamed up with Marvel to release two special ramen bowls. One themed as Captain America and the other themed as Iron Man.

marvel ramen

They both look equally amazing and enticing so I guess the most important question is which are you? #TeamCaptainAmerica or #TeamIronMan

Civil War Trailer For Japan

One thing that always amuses me but I love at the same time, is how dramatic Japan seems to love their movies. Case in point is this trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, no new footage as such but check out the accompanying soundtrack in the trailer!


That’s none other than Atsushi from popular group, EXILE lending his pipes to the track, “Someday I’m sure…” (いつかきっと…). But check out how this trailer gives you totally different feels to the one released in West. Love the drama, Japan.


Iron Man Goes Nendoroid

We witnessed earlier this year how everyone’s favourite web slinger, Spider-Man, received his very own Nendoroid model. Now it’s the turn of another Marvel stalwart to join the rans of being immortalised by Nendoroid maker, Good Smile Company.

Iron Man will be getting an Iron Man Mark 7: Heroes Edition model later this year which is completely posable and will be similar to the Iron Man seen in Hollywood hit, The Avengers. There’s some pics just below if you want to see just how cute he’s going to be.

[AFG_gallery id=’169′]

The nendoroid is available now for pre-order in stores across so check your importer for more details.