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Valhalla Knights 3 shows off saucy video

Action RPG Valhalla Knights 3 recently had a new trailer uploaded for it and let’s just say that it’s a little bit non-PG rated. This latest trailer shows off some of the skimpy nurses, hostess clubs and a bit more of what waits for gamers on the PS Vita.

If you’re after a clip that’s a bit more ‘user friendly’ then the one below may serve your needs. Nothing funny going on here.

And lastly a promo movie to round everything off.

The game has already seen the light of day in Japan while North America will be able to get their mitts on it in the Fall.

Opening Movie For Valhalla RPG

Japanese RPG title, Valhalla Knight 3, releases in Japan on May 23rd for the PS Vita and Japanese publication, Famitsu, shared the opening cinematic with the interwebs. The game has been developed by Marvelous AQL.

Once Valhalla drops in Japan, you’ll have the option to download a special Saber outfit at no charge as part of a crossover promotion with Fate/Extra CCC.