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McDonalds X Nanoblocks Collaboration

Japan and collaborations…everywhere you look, there’s a new one. And now the famous fast food outlet, McDonald’s is jumping into the fray (yet again) and teaming up with Nanoblock. The joint venture is to celebrate the release of the “Grand Big Mac” which has two meat patties and the “Giga Big Mac” which maxes out at FOUR meat patties. In case you’re in the dark about Nanoblock, they’re those tiny kits you can buy and construct various different things. I bought a Pokemon Pikachu one which I still can’t put together 🙁

mc nanoblock

Anyways, the Nanoblock kits on offer are tiny versions of the McDonald’s food ranging from a Big Mac to French Fries and  a shake. Each kit will be sold for „400 or alternately, you can purchase all three for „1,150.

McDonalds’ Honey Lemon Shakes

Hmm, just the title alone makes my mouth water. In yet another bit of news that makes me envy McDonalds’ Japan comes an amazing new flavour of shakes. They’ve recently started a new line of treats called By McSweets and the first product to roll are Honey Lemon shakes. And before you ask, no they don’t taste like Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6.
honey lemon shake

The shake itself draws flavour from the hachimitsu lemon, a flavour of beverage that is already quite popular with the Japanese locals. And the best part is, it’s made with natural ingredients all grown locally in Japan.

honey lemon shake2

They went on sale on February 23rd 2016 so if you’re going to Japan or are there already, you have until late March. After that, they’re all gone.

Japan Introduces McDonald’s Chocolate French Fries

Hmm…did you get that? Chocolate French Fries. So good I had to capitalise each word in that last statement. Welcome to “The Choco Potato Fry” or “McFry Potato Chocolate Sauce” which will bring new levels of delights to your fries. You ever dunked your fries in your sundae or thickshake? This is pretty much the same thing.

Check the clip below from Youtube channel, Simon and Martina, as they introduce the 8th Wonder of the World (I can’t back that up).

Hmm…who wishes they were in Japan right now?

McDonald’s Japan Introduces New Shake Flavour

Just in time for the sweltering Autumn season that Japan is well known for is this tasty new treat from McDonald’s Japan. It’s a Purple Sweet Potato McShake and yes, it really is purple. The shake landed in Japan today and will be around until the end of October. A small sized shake will set you back „100 while the medium sized one is only „195 so very affordable and cheap indeed!

Christmas Happy Meal From Japan Features Mario

Japan always gets the coolest toys and these ones this from McDonald’s are no exception. The toy collection below are part of the Happy Meals promotion this year for Christmas which feature Nintendo’s Mario in various poses and with assorted props. There are new ones released over 2 weeks and yes, they’re really cute!

mario happy meal 1
Launches November 23

mario happy meal 2
Launches November 29


McDonald’s Japan super sizes their fries

A bit of a change in the land of fast food for Japan, specifically the fast food giant, McDonald’s. For an extremely limited time, they’re bringing in the Mega Potato fries which is essentially the same as two large servings of fries put together.

The Mega Potato which comes in at roughly 350 grams makes everything else on the menu absolutely tiny. And with so many fries, comes so many calories plus a price tag to go along with them: „490.

[AFG_gallery id=’285′]

If anyone reads this and is Japan, send me a pic with you and the fries and I’ll send you something cool!!

McDonald’s Japan To Receive New Uniforms

The world of fast food is about to receive a make over with the news that McDonald’s Japan will be changing their uniforms. Beginning in June, Japan will be the first country in Asia to change the style of their work clothes before being rolled out to the rest of the continent.

On top of that, an extra 27,000 people will be hired and in order to get people in the mood to apply for a job, the video below was produced to entice future staff. In the video, the new uniform is shown off along with some fancy choreography courtesy of Papaya Suzuki from the Oyaji Dancers.

McDonalds’ Japan 60 Second Service

Japan, taking the adage of fast food that one bit further, are offering visitors to their restaurants a new incentive. Running from the 4th of January to the 31st of January 2013, customers are guaranteed to the have their burgers in their hands in 60 seconds or else they’ll receive a coupon for a free burger of their choice.


The campaign is called the “Enjoy! 60 second service” and was designed for the customers who are time poor and just need to get in and get out in the most minimal time. And just how will the customer know that they are adhering to the 60 second rule? There’ll be an egg timer on the counter keeping an eye on everything.


Not all stores have launched the campaign as yet but Gigazine have found one store that is already running the promotion, video can be seen below.

Of course with most things in life, there will be people who will try to get something for free, with one user from Rocketnews24 commenting,

On popular Japanese message board 2channel, one user claiming to work for McDonald’s writes that at smaller restaurants with less staff, you’re almost guaranteed to wait for more than a minute if you order a ‘Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese’.

 According to his logic, if you use this method to score a free hamburger coupon and then use that to order another Double Quarter Pounder, you can, in theory, create a never-ending cycle of free McDonald’s hamburgers (until the promotion ends in February)“.