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Smash 2016 Update – Mecha Cosplayer Announced For 4th Guest

And the special guests keep rolling out for SMASH! 2016. This time it’s mecha cosplayer,TAKAHIRO (GOLDY) SAKAI! It’s shaping up to be an amazing looking convention for it’s 10th anniversary. Here’s the press release with all the info below.



Official Website: http://gadgettool.web.fc2.com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/Goldy-1549129935365479/

Meet TAKAHIRO (GOLDY) SAKAI also known as ‘The Gundam G u y ’.


With over ten years experience in constructing mecha costumes and armour accessories, Goldy has become one of the world’s greatest craftsmen.

Inspired by mecha characters from Japanese pop-culture such as Gundam and Evangelion, the mecha enthusiast has transformed this passion into something more complex and fulfilling.

In 2006, Goldy was one of Japan’s representatives for the World Cosplay Summit Championship, and was also the recipient of Brother Industries’‘Special Award’.


Sharing his knowledge with like-minded peers, Goldy regularly conducts cosplay workshops in Akihabara, Tokyo. During these workshops, cosplayers get the opportunity to spend a few hours with Goldy to learn the basics of armour crafting.


Despite so little is known about him, there is significant respect for Goldy beyond Japan. Not only has Goldy been invited as a special guest, but he has also been a judge and speaker at various conventions such as Anime Expo, London’s MCM Comic Con, Philippines’ Cosplay Mania, and North Carolina’s Cosplay America.


This will be Goldy’s first Australian appearance at SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2016.

Patlabor Mecha Goes Up In Japan

Patlabor, the classic anime, has received a live adaptation for the Japanese cinemas in two movies recently covering different chapters. So what better way to help promotions than by putting up a giant life sized Ingram mecha in downtown Tokyo. In the area of Kichijoji, this mecha proved to be quite the sight.

Ingram 1


[AFG_gallery id=’394′]

Watch the mecha go up…

Another view.

Hello Kitty Giant Robot Chogokin Anniversary Video

We ran a post the other day regarding the 40th anniversary of the famous feline, Hello Kitty. However it’s also the 40th anniversary of chogokin line of mecha figures this year. So why not join the two and release a special Hello Kitty robot figure?


The figure will be released in June this year and will sell for ¥4,400 and comes with some great features. The model will come with an eye changer, fists with firing action, a bow that can be removed and stored under her feet and a clear cockpit with a Hello Kitty head inside.


To mark the occasion, Bandai have released a promo clip for the figure with special guest narrating in the form of Serina who happens to be an idol from SDN48’s 1st Generation.

Majestic Prince Teams Up With Burger King In Japan

Team ups and collaborations are nothing new in Japan so it should come as no surprise that a new anime for the Spring has teamed up with a US fast food giant.

There’s a new mecha anime in town called Majestic Prince and they’ve now teamed up with Burger King to produce the Shiwo Wopper. Feast your eyes on the image below, looks tasty, yeah? Funnily enough, if you were expecting some ‘majestic’ or a heavily layered burger, you’d be in for a disappointment. The rather plain look burger is good on 5 points, according to Burger King.

shiwo wopper

  1. you can eat it with one hand (score!)
  2. you can also keep your hands clean as it comes with a fork, for the sides you see
  3. it’s also very warm and extremely simple
  4. as its been grilled not fried, they claim it’s less fattening, and last but not least
  5. it comes with a special collaboration coaster to rest it on

shiwo coasters


Interestingly though, in the image above, the girl in the middle is holding a whopper? The Shiwo Wopper will available at exclusive Burger King stores, including the store in Akihabara from April 1st to April 7th. The burger will set you back ¥420 which isn’t much at all.

And if you want to grab a real exclusive bonus, Iguchi Yuka, the voice actress behind character, Irie Tamaki, will be in attendance as well as the singer Konami, who performs the OP for the anime. They will both be acting as store managers at the Akihabara store handing out the first 200 burgers on April the 6th.


Gundam Time Lapse In Odaiba

I recently posted about the Gundam mecha figure making a welcome comeback to Japan, albeit in pieces, but still able to be viewed by people. Well now I now have a time lapse video of the park opened for visitors so you can check out the teeming visitors to the figure. Check out the helmet close up…that thing is huge!! And the level of detail is really impressive too, check the video below. Thanks to You Tube user, darwinfis105, for the clip 🙂