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Early Sales Stats For J-Stars Victory VS

As we reported earlier, J-Stars Victory VS launched recently in Japan and it made a dent on the software chart with both PS3 and PS Vita showing up on there. Buts just how well is this eagerly anticipated title performing in Japan?

j stars 1

Media Create, who tracks all sales in Japan, has announced that the PS3 version of the game managed to sell through 86.55% of its allocated stock while the PS Vita version shifted 89.25% copies. Not bad for early figures and Media Create are indicating that they’re expecting to see more copies sold over the coming weeks. Given the success of the Nintendo DS title, Jump Superstars, which shifted 745, 000 copies all together, they’re predicting more success for this title, even more so for the PS Vita version.

Sales Figures For Resident Evil 6 In Japan

Resident Evil 6 launched last week in Japan amidst a flurry of pre-orders all across Tokyo and then some. But just what kind of numbers are we talking about for the pre-orders?

For a start, on the Xbox 360 it shifted 41,652 units while the PS3 version saw a massive 634,933 copies sold through beating the previous Resident Evil 5 by a factor of two times. Resident Evil 6 had a staggering 380,000 pre-orders for it which is now the highest number recorded in Japan for any Resident Evil title since April 2005 according to Media Create, the sales tracker. Funnily enough, the second highest number of pre-orders for an RE title since April 2005 has been for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.  Prior to launch that particular title boasted 118,000 pre-orders while the sell through figure was 268,810 units through PS3 and Xbox 360.