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Sega Hard Girls Bring Retro Sega Consoles Back

There’s many Sega fans out there either for the amazing software they produced, the addictive gameplay found in their consoles or both. There are many fond memories of the Mega Drive (Genesis), Master System, Game Gear and, my personal favourite, the Dreamcast.

Sega Hard Girls

So it’s with great anticipation that I hear about an anime series being produced called Sega Hard Girls which features these old school consoles as girls who will be cast as kawaii versions of the retro systems.

There is a Twitter account but information is extremely tight at the moment with no air date or much information. But being fans of this exciting project, we’ll keep you posted.

Altered Beast charges onto Japanese 3DS

Great news for fans of Sega nostalgia with the announcement that crowd favourite, Altered Beast, will be hitting the Japanese eShop on the Nintendo 3DS next week.

altered-beast wp

The game originally roared onto the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and arcades back in 1988 and is an addition to Sega’s 3D enhanced games collection. The game will come with some news features such as the newly added 3D, the ability to map your own buttons with different functions, being able to change between the Japanese version of the game of the International and a tube TV display mode.

Altered Beast will set you back ¥600 and also includes a multiplayer mode on local co-op if both players own the game, which is being called the “whimsical transformation” mode, no explanation has been provided as to what this means yet.