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Mighty No. 9 breaks through stretch goals

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have no doubt heard about Keiji Inafune’s Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter project. The awesome news is that the project received the full funding and went beyond expectations.

It was so successful that all the additional stretch goals were also cleared. What this means is that the highly anticipated game, a spiritual successor to Mega Man, will now be coming to numerous home platforms. By clearing through $4million, the game will be seen on the Xbox One, PS4, 3DS, Vita along with the existing plans to bring it to PC and now Mac as well as Linux.

mighty9 stretch goals

Awesome commemorative statue for Mega Man

Continuing with the celebrations for Mega Man’s anniversary this year, an amazing new statue has been marked for release celebrating the release of Mega Man X on the Super Nintendo 20 years ago. The statue will be featuring both Mega Man X and Mega Man in heroic poses measuring in at 10 inches tall.

mega man statue

Not leaving Mega Man out of it who first showed up on the SNES back on December 17 1993. Other features about the statue like the numbering plate and other tweaks will be finalised in a few weeks before its release.

Mega Man fan game throws in some J-Pop

Mega Man Unlimited is a fan game that has proven to be a labour of love for its creators and recently the game entered into its Alpha phase of testing.

To mark this fantastic milestone, YouTube user  MegaPhilX, has put together the following clip with a distinctive “Japanese style” vibe to it adding some J-Pop courtesy of pop Princess, Ayumi Hamasaki, with “UNITE.”

The game is currently feature complete and is in the QA phase.

Mega Man 3DS case looking good

Awesome pics have just been released of a Mega Man case that will encapsulate your Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL while proclaiming your love for an iconic character.

[AFG_gallery id=’256′]

Capcom is putting the finishing touches on the Blue Bomber case in commemoration of the NES game coming to the Virtual Console and also to simultaneously celebrate the 25th anniversary. Capcom Unity have confirmed that the case isn’t on sale as yet however the case will be at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. The case will be available for both the standard 3DS and the 3DS XL.

For those of you that missed out on the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS case, Capcom have confirmed that they’ll be back in stock soon.

Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue

It’s Mega Man’s birthday and he’s turning 25! So to commemorate the event, Capcom have released this amazing figure which they’re currently taking pre-orders for.

The figure stands tall at 10 inches and LED lights on the based powered by USB and the smooth blue/chrome finish comes with its own individual number. If you do want to pick one up, best you be quick as the Capcom store is only taking pre-orders until this Friday, run!

[AFG_gallery id=’246′]

Here’s a full rundown on the specs for this amazing figure.

USB powered LED lights on the base, helmet & buster

• Chrome/Metal finish

• 10 inch statue on a 6 inch diameter base

• Each individually numbered

• Comes in an E-Tank-themed box

• On/Off power switch for the lights

New 3DS Franchise From Capcom

Capcom have revealed that they’re bringing a new children’s franchise onto the Nintendo 3DS. Gaist Crusher, which is due in Winter 2013 for Japan, will be a new blend of a couple of series’ those being Monster Hunter and Mega Man which will bring a fresh fighting style with a slice of humour injected.


Capcom is wishing for this to turn into a new successful franchise which will spawn toys, music, anime and manga through cross merchandising. No plans as yet for Gaist Crusher to make an appearance in the US or Europe but seeing as how they’re envisioning grand plans for it, we’d be surprised if it didn’t show up in the West at some point.

New Mega Man Soundtracks Coming

Mega Man’s 25th birthday is around the corner and what better way to give something back to the fans than to release 2 CD’s with iconic music from the classic series.

The first one to make an appearance is “We are Rock-Men! 2” is an album presenting Mega Man music in various different styles. This album will appear in stores on December 29th and will retail for ¥2,100.

The next one is dubbed “Rockman Holic: The 25th Anniversary” which features tracks from both the Mega Man and Mega Man X games. The arrangement varies from jazz, eurobeat, rock and trance while some of the tracks will also be featuring vocal arrangements. December 19th is the date for this one hitting the stores for ¥1,980.

Two New Fighters For Streetfighter X Tekken

Capcom have recently revealed the surprise of two new additions to the Streetfighter X Tekken game: Mega Man & Pac-Man. You read that right, they will be available exclusively to the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game only.



The Mega Man character used in the game will be based on the Mega Man 1 US box art version.



Mega Man and Pac-Man join other exclusive characters such as Toro and Kuro from Dokodemo Issyo and Cole from the Infamous series.

For more info, check out the official SF x Tekken blog for video footage of the characters.