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Sega Hard Girls Appear In Smartphone Game

The Sega Hard Girls are 2D girls versions of Sega consoles from yesteryear. From the Dreamcast through to the MegaDrive (Genesis). Now they’re going to be making an appearance as chips in a smartphone game.

sega hard girls


The game in question is Phantasy Star Online 2 ES. The chips will be used in game to give the player various bonuses. The specific girls making a show will be the MegaDrive, Sega Saturn and the Dreamcast. The girls will have the ability to evolve into a “Tower” version so the MegaDrive can combine the Mega-CD and Super 32X, for example.

sega hard girls 2

This offer is time limited and will expire on March 4th, 2015 so if you have access to this game, make sure you don’t miss out. Check the Hard Girls site for more info.

Sega Collaborates To Release Segakawaii Goods

Sega has collaborated with apparel label, “galaxxxy” to release a brand new range of accessories and clothes called, “Segakawaii”, where they have taken Sega’s well known products and given them an overhaul. The goods hit the streets of Japan a few days ago on April 25th aimed at the female Sega fan.

segakawaii logo
Such an awesome logo!


Dreamcast backpack - ¥13,869
Dreamcast backpack – ¥13,869


Dreamcast t-shirt - ¥4,725
Dreamcast t-shirt – ¥4,725


Megadrive tank top - ¥4,724
Megadrive tank top – ¥4,724

Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page for more cool stuff.