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Nintendo Stickers For LINE App

If any readers use the LINE messaging app and also Nintendo fans, then these are the news you’ve been waiting for! Nintendo have previously released stickers for the app featuring Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Pokemon and now a classic game has joined the fray with a set of Super Mario stickers selling on the app for $1.99. Cheap as!!

Line logo

The app is available on both iOS and Android. Seeing as how we’re Android users, here’s a link to the Google Play Store so you can grab the app.

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3DS To Get Messaging System

For all it’s wonder, being innovative and just damn sexy appeal, one of the things that is missing from the 3DS as opposed to the previous DS Lite is the ability to communicate with other users via a messaging system of any kind. The DS Lite had PictoChat which allowed gamers to send pictures and text message to each other via local Wi Fi which was a basic but effective way to communicate with users around you.

Well, Nintendo have now reported that this coming Thursday, 22nd of December, the eShop will see a piece of software added to it called Nintendo Letterbox which will let you do just that. Letterbox will let you send 2D and 3D pictures, text message as well as sound effects and photos all done through SpotPass and StreetPass which is pretty cool. Oh and it’s FREE.

Unsure if this will allow realtime messaging as PictoChat used to do but we’ll see tomorrow what the software play out like.