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Metal Gear Rising Reveageance Demo Locked

The Metal Gear Rising Revengeance demo has hit the Japanese PSN so if you’re lucky enough to have an account, you’ll be able to download and partake in one of the most exciting games to come out in a while.


But wait one minute, in order to play the demo, you’ll also need to have a Japanese PS3, the reason being is that the demo is region locked. Japandaman HQ downloaded the demo to test the rumours and they’re correct, the demo doesn’t run. This has happened before with the demos for Persona 4 Arena and the Joysound Karaoke System which was a Japan exclusive however this is the first demo to be region locked on PS3.

The demo will not be made available on the Xbox 360 seeing as how Konami has retracted and cancelled the release of the game in Japan for the 360.

So for now, it looks like we’ll have to wait for a local release of the demo on the PSN.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance PS3 Model

Konami has issued a gobsmackingly gorgeous PS3 model in the style of upcoming title, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The exclusive bundle that Japan will be getting includes a super slim 250GB PS3 coloured in black and blue, a matching controller and will also come packaged with download codes for a PS3 theme and even better, a unique Raiden Cyborg Ninja skin.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance PS3 model
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance PS3 model

The Zan-datsu package will be an exclusive offered through the Konami Style store who are taking pre-orders now. The package is valued at ¥31,960 and will launch in Japan on February 21, 2013 and two days earlier in the United States on February 19. With any luck, a demo will be hitting the PSN around December 13 in case you missed it on the Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Info


Kojima Productions had an unveiling of sorts today in Japan, removing some of the secrecy surrounding the upcoming, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance game.

Some people are thinking that this game follows in the storyline set by the ongoing Metal Gear series with Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Old Boss and so on, this game has been confirmed as NOT being a sequel to any of the games in the main Metal Gear saga as is a new stand alone story.

In fact the officialKojiPro Twitter feed had the following to say about that, “We’ve only said that the period setting is several years after MGS4. Metal Gear Rising is not part of the Metal Gear Solid series. At present, we can’t say more than this.”

In the most recent Hideraji podcast, producer Yuji Korekado, was saying how the game had changed and evolved during development. In that originally, the game was promoted as being able to chop anything. In face during the E3 2010 unveiling of the game, the tagline towards the end of the trailer said, Cut what you will.

The development staff have now revealed that they feel they quickly made that up and that that alone would not be sufficient to carry the game. Some of the original developers also feel that the game got to the point where they felt that the vision for core of the game had been forgotten. So much so that they ended up cancelling the entire project even though quite a few major elements such as motion capture and story had already been worked out.

This is where Platinum Games comes into the picture, after a visit to the Kojima Productions studio where they were so excited about the project, despite being half done, that they took control of it and development began anew.

They also mentioned that that’s why the name had been changed from a Metal Gear Solid title, to stand it out from that series. The director of the game will be announced at a later date.

From left: Platinum CEO Tatsuya Minami, Kojima, Platinum producer Atsushi Inaba and Korekado.