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Cosplayer Of The Month September 2017: Devil Lady

Time for another Cosplayer Of The Month update and this time it’s a new one that I came across on Twitter and Instagram. Say hello to Devil Lady, a cosplayer with a growing arsenal of awesome cosplays up her sleeve which she custom makes herself.

From Borderlands, Metal Gear Solid, Life Is Strange, Bioshock, this is one cosplayer to keep an eye on. Check out her gallery below and if you want to see more, social media links under that!



Japan to receive special edition of Metal Gear Rising

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a stunning game in the Metal Gear canon and now we hear that Konami will be releasing a special edition of the game. The game will be hitting the store shelves on December 5th and will include the game with all previous DLC, all bundled together with a special metallic sheet covering.

special metal gear

The DLC will consist of the 30 VR missions which contain the Jetstream and Blade Wolf stories, the 5 distinct Raiden outfits: Cyborg Ninja, Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden, White Armor Raiden, Inferno Armor Raiden, and Commando Armor Raiden as well as the Snake Soul Wooden Sword weapon. There will also be a special PS3 theme for the game as well.

The game will set you back ¥2, 480 for both digital and physical editions.

Metal Gear Rising VR Missions PS3 Exclusive

Waiting for the release of Metal Gear Rising, played the demo to death and want more news on this eagerly anticipated title? How about the news that the VR missions that serve as a neat little bonus are exclusive to the PS3 version only.

Just like in the style of the VR missions for the original Metal Gear Solid way back when on the PS1, these missions get you ready for the long adventure ahead. They’ll cover stealth, combat training, a nice touch of tactical manoeuvring plus loads more. More exciting, the VR missions will allow you to take control and handle the mech known as the Dwarf Gecko.

[AFG_gallery id=’199′]

At 30 missions long, there’ll be heaps to keep you busy if you intend to make it through Rising in one piece.

Tokyo Game Show Day Two Review

Japandaman and crew trekked off to TGS again today, once again at the crack of dawn for another day of playing games and seeing what the gaming public would be playing in the near future.

As soon as the doors opened, we made a bee line for the Konami stand, eager to get our hands on the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance demo. Luck was on our side as no one was there yet and we were quickly ushered inside to give the demo a work out.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

The demo starts with an incredibly visual and stylised introduction cinematic showing Raiden being transported in a high speed spy plane over the ocean while conversing with a comrade back at base via radio link up. The language was in Japanese as were the subtitles so really couldn’t follow what was going one but that was ok as we soon found out, there were on screen prompts guiding you in the right direction. Approaching an island of sorts, Raiden jettisons from the plane performing a flip through the air and landing with a resounding touch down on the water’s edge. You’re then guided through a tutorial introducing you to the hack and slash technique used as a fighting technique in the game.

This turns out to be incredibly fluid and gorgeously animated, Raiden does actually slash what you’re aiming at even to the point where you can have a bad guy holding a hostage allowing you to neatly slice the terrorist’s head while keeping the hostage alive. The demo then kicks into high gear with tons of hostiles to dispose of who turn out to be cybernetic. At the precise moment, pressing the O buttons allows you to rip out their cybernetic spine which Raiden then crunches in his hand. Apart from looking badass, this also restores some of Raiden’s power bar allowing you to proceed through the mission. I was only able to make it as far as a battle with 2 mech walkers and a handful of hostiles. I disposed of the hostiles but the walkers kept getting the best of me 🙁

It was one of the most enjoyable demos I have ever played and at a little over 15 minutes long really showed off the awesome game mechanic, lush visual, impressive score and just what a bucketload of awesome this game is turning out to be. This will be a must buy when it’s finished and released. Amazing.

The only other demo we took in was the Biohazard 6, or Resident Evil 6 demo which follows in the strong tradition that Capcom started way back with the first RE title.

Resident Evil 6

The game was in English for a start so that was a great bonus, you’re then able to pick from Leon, Chris, Jake and Ada with each character giving you a different degree of difficulty. I chose Leon as he’s such a hard as nails character however he had the easiest scenario to play through. He also has the help of an AI controlled character called Helena who functions a lot better than the AI controlled character in RE5. The demo starts with Leon on a University campus where you learn that you need to make your exit via an outside gate. After disposing of tons of infected students turned zombie, you reach the gate where…there’s no key. Where’s the key? Back in the campus you just worked your way through, entering the campus reveals that there are more zombies than thought as you shoot your way through them all.

The game has employed a unique way of showing you your current objective as there’s no longer an on screen map, instead you hold down the R2 button which brings up a virtual arrow pointing you in the direction of your objective. On the way to the key which appears to be in the library or an office just off the library, you encounter one of the most terrifying moments in RE yet. As you reach a locked door, you realise that the floor is littered with numerous bodies which right on cue come to life. On top of that, zombies from the outside start launching themselves through the window resulting in you having to utilise the quick shot technique by pressing L1 and R1 simultaneously.

The game looks and sounds very atmospheric and played well using the pair of headphones we were provided, the undead shuffling along was extremely eerie without knowing where exactly they were coming from. The demo ended before I was able to make it to the end even though it was in sight but from the time I spent with it, it played like a very welcome addition to the Resident Evil family.

TGS seemed to be a lot busier than the previous day, maybe this was down to most people choosing to skip the first day due to the extreme temperature either way though, the lines for the games were about the same as the previous day with Metal Gear being the exception. Still had a one hour wait last time we checked.

Tokyo Game Show was loads of fun to attend despite the 15 or so kilometres we trekked inside the three halls and much merchandise was purchased, photos of the awesome merchandise will follow soon. Definitely glad we attended and saw what we did, can’t wait for TGS ’13!

Metal Gear Rising: Reveangeance Reveal For Tokyo Game Show

We already know that Konami is bringing the much awaited, Metal Gear Rising game to TGS courtesy of Platinum Games but we hear today is that they will also be taking the covers off a mystery character as well. This should be good and I can’t wait to get my hands on this demo at TGS.

In other related Metal Gear Rising news, we hear that Kenyuu Horiuchi will be returning as the voice of Raiden along with Hiroaki Hirata as the voice of Sam and lastly, Yoshimasa Hosoya will be playing the role of the robot dog, LQ-841.

Metal Gear Solid Rising Trailer & Demo Will Be At TGS

Kojima Productions have today confirmed that those lucky attendees to this year’s Tokyo Game Show will be able to test out the new Metal Gear Rising demo and be witness to a brand new trailer for the eagerly awaited game.

Via Twitter, Producer Yuji Korekado, mentioned that they were hard at work at putting together a new demo for the game with unseen footage and a trailer to go along with the exclusive also featuring new scenes not shown anywhere else.

This will be one of the highlight’s of this year’s Tokyo Game Show and don’t forget, the Japandaman crew will be there in person covering all the action from the showroom floor.