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Amazing Metal Gear Cosplay

I’m a sucker for the Metal Gear franchise, it’s easily my favourite series followed by Resident Evil. I also love cosplay so when the MGS series comes together and meets cosplay, the results can be astounding…as is evident from the pics below. I came across this amazing feature on Kotaku.

Here’s Rick Boer with some awesome and very talented cosplay.

Rick Boer 1 Rick Boer 2 Rick Boer 3 Rick Boer 4 Rick Boer 5

Omi Gibson with a stellar Raiden, Quiet and Meryl.

Omi Gibson 1 Omi Gibson 2 Omi Gibson 3 Omi Gibson 4 Omi Gibson 5

Angela Bermudez

Angela Bermudez 1 Angela Bermudez 2 Angela Bermudez 3 Angela Bermudez 4

And Masazi!

Masazi 1

Metal Gear Solid PS4 Shows Up In Japan

Fans of Metal Gear Solid will have heard by now that the fifth installment, The Phantom Pain, has been given a release date of September 1st. Thanks to a clever partnership between Sony and Konami, one of the smexiest Playstation 4 units ever seen has just been announced.

phantom pain ps4

Sporting a stunning colour palette of gold, burgundy, and of course black, the design is said to have been inspired by the bionic arm that Snake wears in the game. With a design this impressive looking, it’s sure to be a fan favourite. Here’s a better look at the console and a closer look at the DualShock 4 which comes with a Diamond Dogs logo on the right hand side.

As with everything this good looking, there’s no word yet on whether this will make it to the West but we can have hope…and keep our fingers tightly crossed.

Famitsu Metal Gear Solid Anniversary Cover

Yoji Shinkawa, the art director for the Metal Gear series, has designed an amazing cover for the current edition of Famitsu Weekly in Japan.

The cover is to commemorate Famitsu Weekly’s coverage for the Metal Gear Solid series reaching its 25th anniversary, feast your eyes on the amazing cover below.

Speaking through Enterbrain’s CEO in the article, Shinkawa said that he chose Cyborg Ninja and Solid Snake for the front cover as he believes they’re the two characters that really encapsulate the series and represent the games. The article also mentions how MGS4 will be receiving a Trophy update which has long been asked for by fans.

There is a budget version of MGS4 that will be released to stores in August and has the patch already built into the game so its thought that a download patch can’t be too far away for existing copies of MGS4.

The shot above shows another image from the feature article which illustrates the MGS timeline…what does it say for 2012? Could it be a new game? It could be a reference to Metal Gear Revengeance, we’ll have to wait and see.

Japandaman is trying to get a copy of this eagerly snapped up copy so fingers crossed we get lucky and get our own piece of history.

Hideo Kojima Pipes Up About MGS5

Legendary game designer and creator, Hideo Kojima, responsible for Zone of the Enders and the Metal Gear Solid series has spoken up about the possibility of Metal Gear Solid 5 being worked on anytime soon.

Speaking about out about MGS5 which will be running the new Fox Engine developed by Kojima Productions had this to say.

About Metal Gear Solid 5, I can tell you two things. There will be much question of infiltration, espionage, and convincing people to give you ‘a favor’ like in the last Metal Gear Solid.

Something may be lost in translation as the above was translated from Japanese to French and then to English so with “earning favor”, he may be referring to the recruitment and loyalty aspect of Peace Walker, which was a key element of that title.

Snake “recruiting” new staff

With the future of MGS games and possible directions for influences affecting those games, Kojima had the following to say.

I liked the idea of social interactions in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but we’ll see.

Another bit of great news is that he also mentioned that he was definitely not done with Solid Snake even though he did want him to die at the end of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots.

More Metal Gear and possible more Solid Snake? Japandaman says, “yes please!”

MGS Goodies For TGS

Attendees to this year’s Tokyo Game Show will have quite the goodies to shop for. Konami today have released a couple of the Metal Gear Solid items they’ll have in their booth for sale for the fanboys/girls. First up, there’ll be a clear file folder, always popular at TGS, I managed to pick up a few last year, and there will also be a Metal Gear tote bag. I’m guessing the tote bag for the fangirls, possibly?? The pics below were posted by Hideo Kojima via his Twitter feed. @Hideo_Kojika_En

MGS Remastered and Uncharted beta

All this time I’ve been thinking it’s just Peacewalker receiving the HD treatment as it migrates from PSP to PS3…I had no idea that three titles were being packaged and sold as one like they’re doing with God of War!! Three titles, MGS2: Sons of Liberty, MGS3: Snake Eater and Peacewalker all in one package…and releasing in November and in HD??  Marvellous!! Oh and the Uncharted multiplayer beta is pretty sweet, if you haven’t downloaded it and taken advantage of the free upgrade to PS+ status for one month, then download it now…it’s completely worth it 🙂

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