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News for this Highly Anticipated Anime MMORPG Has Fans Excited

An article on, a Korean gaming journalism site, ran an article that reads: “PC MMORPG; Peria Chronicles, is being developed by ThingSoft and will be released [in Korea] in December.”, also stating that more news is coming in Winter. The article also mentions that ThingSoft will be skipping G-STAR 2017 (the Korean equivalent to […]

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God Eater Online Opening Cinematic

If Ufotable know how how to do one thing well, that’s animation. And that’s never more evident than in one of their latest works, the opening cinematic for God Eater Online. Bandai Namco took the covers off the opening lately which also features the theme song “Get Your World” by Touch My Secret. The MMO action […]


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer Shows Magitek Armor

Brand new trailer for the MMO release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been released which looks amazing. In the trailer, characters can be seen making their way through the snow in the Magitek Armour which bring backs memories of Final Fantasy VI. It’s only a quick glimpse but you can have a look at […]