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Bandai Showroom Akiba December 2013

Apart from being an awesome train station, the Akihabara JR station is also host to the Bandai Showroom. It isn’t an overly large area but on a regular basis, the impressive figures in glass cases are rotated to make way for a new exhibition.

December 2013 saw the cases housing a display called the “Super Heroes/Mecha” edition. There were figures on display from from the Kamen Rider series, Mobile Suit Gundam and Super Sentai. The figures will be launching in Japan in May this year. There were some figures from a few other franchises as well.

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Credit for the Akihabara header image:
Akihabara Photo (C) Brian Sulz – http://www.briansulz.com/

Some More Anime Fashion For Otakus

We ran a feature the other day around some fashion labels in Japan releasing clothes that have been seen in animes allowing fans to dress like their idols.

Well now another clothing label, Strict-G, has jumped into the fray and added their releases for the Otaku to wear everyday celebrating their love of Mobile Suit Gundam.

Strict G 1
First up from Strict-G is the desert cape as worn by Amuro in the show with a fancy inner lining covered in a blue polkadot design with halo. ¥39,900 – Desert Cape, ¥6,090 – v-neck t-shirt, ¥17,850 – cardigan, ¥15,225 – short pants

Strict G 2


Strict G 3Supplies from Earth Federation. ¥33,600 – M65, ¥24,990 – Indigo Chambray Shirt, ¥14,595 – short pants.

Strict G 4Gundam fans rate this as Amuro’s most popular style. ¥33,600 – G-Jacket, ¥14,700 – v-neck pullover knit, ¥23,940 – denim pants

You can pick these trendy and expensive fashions at the Strict-G stores in Japan, there are two of them. If you’re in the Gundam Front Area, you can pay a visit to the store there as well.