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New Segment! Idol Time – Arisa Komiya

We’re kicking off a new segment today, one that we’re all excited about at Japandaman HQ, we present Idol Time! This is where we take a look at the many idols that pop up in Japan and are known for being voice actors, screen/TV actors, models or performers, in general. And we thought we’d kick off the segment by featuring¬†Arisa Komiya. Arisa started as a model and then venturing into the world of voice acting, landing the coveted role of Dia Kurosawa in Love Live! Sunshine!!


Gamer Girl – Hylia Suicide

Our latest Gamer Girl is from Victoria with a passion for games both Playstation and Xbox. Hylia Suicide is a Victorian based alt model, Suicide Girl, cosplayer and a passionate gamer. With some of the best gaming tattoos I’ve ever seen, this is one GG who stands out. She’s also on Twitch streaming the latest games so make sue you catch her on that. I’ve included links to her social media below the gallery. And congrats to Hylia Suicide!