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Animal Crossing Breaks Through 2M Sales For Japan

One of the most popular titles in Japan for the 3DS has continued its winning streak by becoming the first game to break through the 2 million units sold barrier.


Animal Crossing New Leaf was only released in November but it’s already proven that it’s a huge hit with the Japanese gaming public. ACNL managed to beat out other huge franchises such as Mario Kart 7, Monster Hunter 3G and Super Mario 3D Land to the record breaking milestone.

NeoGAF user, Road, has made a fancy animated graph showing off the rise and success of the Animal Crossing in sales compared to other titles, it’s amazing to watch!

NeoGAF link


Monster Hunter Gets DLC From 7-11

If you’re in Japan between January 17 and January 31 and happen to have a Japanese 3DS on you, you might want to past a 7-11 in the area and connect to their 7spot service for some great goodies for your Monster Hunter 3G game. Capcom will be releasing some DLC in the way of quests to further your gaming experience. You’ll be able to take part in a 5 star quest where you’ll fight Royal Ludroth, Gobul and Lagiacrus.

As a bonus for clearing the stage, you’ll gain materials which can be used for creating items for exclusive use in the quest but Capcom hasn’t given up much more info than that,

Monster Hunter Sells Out In Japan

Breaking news out of Japan but not quite a surprise is the news that Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS, following its recent launch, has completely sold out in one of the largest stores in Akihabara, Yodobashi Akiba. Wild scenes ensured in Japan as everyone was out to get a copy of the game with the circle pad accessory also reaching low stock numbers in Japan.

Yodobashi Akiba selling out of Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS.

New stock of the game will be hitting stores on December 15 so if you’re in Japan reading this and are shattered that you missed out, rest assured that you won’t have to wait too long for more stock.


Pictures from the Yodobashi Akiba can be seen below.

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Monster Hunter 3G Demo Hits e-Shop

The 3DS has finally had it’s much talked about update go live and one of the talked about features is the ability to record 3D video however, I think a much better feature with more potential is that the e-Shop will now be able to offer demos so you can try before you buy. In Japan, the first game to make an appearance in the shop is none other Monster Hunter 3G and it’s receiving excellent reviews.

The demo itself can only be played for 30 mins at a time before expiring and leaving you to start again. Well we assume that’s what happens as no one has reported what actually DOES happen. People in Japan, please let us know!

Popular publication Famitsu gave the game two 10’s and two 9’s which isn’t bad and should help consumers make up their mind about whether to buy or not. Next is the third commercial that Capcom have released for the game showing some actual gameplay footage…nice. The trailer does look amazing, judge for yourself down below.


I really like the layout of the touchscreen, it looks pretty cool with its own cross pad no doubt to help those out who don’t buy the circle pad accessory.

Lastly, Capcom also released some images of a another monster who first made an appearance in Monster Hunter  3 but also showed up on the PSP incarnation, Monster Hunter Portable 3G. that monster being Deviljho.

Monster Hunter 3G Bundle For Japan

Nintendo and Capcom have taken the wraps of a special release 3DS unit for the release of Monster Hunter 3G on the handheld. The special pack will be touching down in Japan on December 10 and will set you back ¥20,800. This will earn you a copy of the game and a limited edition white 3DS with Monster Hunter markings all over it which looks absolutely gorgeous!


You’ll also be able to pick up the game by itself for ¥5,800 as well the last bundle which features the second circle pad accessory bundled in for ¥6,990.

New Screenshots For Monster Hunter 3G (3DS)

Capcom have released an entire swag of new screenshots for upcoming monster title, Monster Hunter 3G, for the Nintendo 3DS. Have a look especially at the high res shots of the monsters, they look amazing! This game will be a system seller for the 3DS and you can already hear the stampede of people in Japan who will snap up this title in an extremely popular franchise for Japan. Enjoy the pics 🙂

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Monster Hunter 3G Bundles

Capcom are readying themselves for one of the biggest launches yet for the 3DS in Japan. Monster Hunter 3G comes out in Japan December 10 and Capcom have pulled out all the stops with the following bundles.

The basic pack will net you the game and a Monster Hunter themed alarm clock (¥5, 800), there’s the extended edition will features the previous pack as well as movable figure that’s posable (¥8, 800). Or you can opt for the slide pad instead which is ¥6, 640 or else you can get the pack which bundles everything mentioned for ¥9, 99o. The figure by itself will set you back ¥6, 460. The figure is a tad pricier than the game and alarm clock, so I’ve posted a gallery below of the figure so you can see what your yen is getting you 🙂

New Home For Monster Hunter Franchise

First there was news that the Nintendo 3DS was going to be hosting the latest installment in the Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter 3G. Today at the Nintendo Conference Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter 4 was in development for the 3DS, which marks the first time that a numbered version of a Monster Hunter game will make an appearance on a handheld.

Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo, did confirm the existence of MH4 but unfortunately didn’t mention what sort of time frame we can expect for the release for the game. On the other hand, Monster 3G has finally received a release date and price. Monster Hunter’s producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, revealed that December 10 is the date Hunting comes to the 3DS with a price tag of ¥5,800. Funnily enough the add on peripheral for the 3DS revealed by Famitsu which adds a second circle pad was no where to be found. No mention was made of it and as far as outside the Famitsu article, Nintendo have yet to officially confirm it.