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Monster Hunter Festa planned for 2013

Great news from Capcom recently confirming that this year’s Monster Hunter Festa will go ahead as planned. This event is for fans, new and old alike, to show them what the series is all about and helps to promote the game.

monster hunter festa

The most recent MHF event took place close to the start of 2011 meaning that some parts and events were cancelled due to the devastating tsunami and earthquake. This year’s event will focus on the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 due to hit Japan on September. More information and pictures from the event will come as soon as we can get our Felyne paws on them!

Monster Hunter Festa Wraps Up

Monster Hunter Festa, set in Nagoya, Japan, recently wrapped up for the year with some great pics taken by fans below in the gallery. For those in the dark, MHF is basically a themed convention where it’s laden heavy with Monster Hunter goodness. This is where all the big news are announced and delicious themed food to be had. This is something else I didn’t know existed and will be adding to my list of things to do when in Japan. Makes me want to start playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite again! Massive gallery below with tons of pics thanks to Capcom Unity.