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Monster Hunter HD Ads Hit Japan

Two brand new commercials have hit Japanese homes to promote Monster Hunter HD, the Hi Def port of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on the PSP, and the big guns have been puled out this time. The campaign has enlisted the aid of avid Monster Hunter fans and celebrities Satoru Inoue and┬áMaki Goto. Inoue San has played it through 3 times amassing an impressive 875 hours of game time whilst Goto San is no slouch either gathering 136 hours worth of gameplay. Celebrities who are also rabid game fans?Don’t see that too often. Hit the TV spots below.

Osaka Hosts Hunter Demo

If you happen to be in Japan next week, specifically Osaka, you may want to head along to Sofmap Namba and Joshin Disc Pier Nihonbashi on the 31st of July. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd or Monster Hunter HD will be live enabling you to play a demo before the release date so you can savour the exclusive lush graphics as seen below. Lucky PSP owners will also be able to demo┬áMonster Hunter Diary Poka Poka Felyne Village G so that’s something else to check out but until then click on the image below for the full res version, it’s looking pretty good so far!