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Monster Hunter XX For The Switch

The Nintendo Switch is still fairly new to the market but news recently broke that one of the biggest franchises is coming its way. Monster Hunter XX will be appearing on the Nintendo Switch, which comes as no surprise to anyone, and will be hitting stores in Japan on August 25th. In case you missed the recent trailer for the news, check it out below:

But it wouldn’t be Japan without a hardware themed release to go along with it. Although it’s already sold out on the Capcom site, there was a specially themed MH Switch with a smexy dock that went on sale.

The Limited Edition comes with some goodies like a random keyring:

Soundtrack CD with five tracks:

Monster Hunter Production Book:

Monster Hunter carry pouch:

And here’s a Monster Hunter carry case sold separately:

No news yet for a release outside of Japan but you’d think that the announcement isn’t too far away…let’s keep our fingers crossed that Capcom shows the West some love 🙂

Monster Hunter XX Headed For Japan

In case you missed it, there was another Nintendo Direct broadcast last night but not for the newly announced Nintendo Switch. This was for the hugely popular monster series, Monster Hunter.

Specifically, a new game is headed for the Nintendo 3DS called Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) and it looks fricking awesome! The game comes wiht may enhancements including new Hunter Styles including the Brave Style and even better, new techniques for 14 weapons, new field, new base, modifications to the Prowler mode and of course, new main monsters.

More information will be coming in later broadcasts but for now, they unleashed a trailer which looks absolutely badass, check out the action below:

New hunting commences on March 18, 2017 in Japan.

Review – Monster Hunter Generations (3DS)

I’ve been playing Monster Hunter since the days of the Sony PSP and yet I’ve never being able to finish a single game in the series or even come close. I think it’s because I get frustrated with the difficulty curve and just end up giving up. I do really love the series but I think I’m more in love with what the series represents: bringing friends and strangers together in a close-knit community sharing a common passion.

Hunter Sword and Shield

Having said all that, I really believe Monster Hunter Generations could possibly be the first entry in hugely popular monster hunter series that I will continue playing past HR2 Rank, and here’s why.


Capcom have molded a really smart game in the series and introduced a couple of new additions to the game which help out newbies like myself. First off, there’s the new Hunting Arts, abilities which you can choose and vary depending on which Hunting Style you select during the character creation. There are four Hunting Styles: Guild Style, Striker Style, Aerial Style and Adept Style. Depending on which one you choose determines how many empty slots you’re allocated which you can then fill with Hunting Arts. You’re allocated anywhere from one to three spaces for the Arts.


Speaking of the Arts, these are abilities which come in handy during battle and can get you out of a tight spot. Abilities such as being able to run away from large monsters for a short period without using your stamina or being able to unleash a circular attack which is perfect when you’re surrounded by numerous creatures. The abilities need to be charged up first, normally caused just by attacking monsters, and then when the on-screen gauge is fully charged, hit the touch screen to release some carnage! The Arts are also specific to which weapon is currently equipped as well. So Arts that you have access to with one weapon may not necessarily be there for another. This keeps you on your toes and adds a new layer of strategy to the mix.


Speaking of the monsters, the monster count for the most part has increased from past games. Small creatures now number 34 and large monsters, 71 for a total of 105 compared to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate which had 98. As usual, you can choose to hunt alone or in local multiplayer and online co-op.


As we’ve come to expect, the game is beautifully animated with stunning artwork in the monsters and the world they inhabit. And the game is huge, quite larger than what I remember in past games with lots of lush backgrounds and nature to interact with on those all important foraging quests. Generations also seems to be better drawn with the art assets looking more clear than past games. Sometimes with MH titles on the 3DS, I’ve had to squint to make out some of the details and wording. I’m playing this on a New 3DS and I’m having no trouble with viewing everything, it really looks that good.

Hunter Light Bowgun - Aerial

For the hardcore fans out there, you’ll be pleased to know that there are also new Deviant Monsters. These are mutated forms of monsters from previous MH titles which if you’re successful in bringing down will yield some very precious and hard to get materials for forging equipment.


This is one of the better looking entries in the series and I’m always blown away by how much more Capcom is able to squeeze out of the 3DS in bringing these games and their massive worlds to the handheld. Everything is better and bigger from the hometown you start in, Bherna to the very cute Palicoes, you the hunter and of course, the monsters. Fans of the series will love it and newcomers should enjoy the improved entry level difficulty curve all round. I need to run now, there’s a pesky Maccao causing some havoc which I need to hunt!

N3DSXL_001_EUimgeRD_B1a_R_ad RED_MonsterHunterGenerations_Box_Packshot_1

PS. Before I forget, Nintendo are also releasing a stunning New 3DS XL Monster Hunter Generations edition console which looks amazing. I’ll be picking this up on launch day as well!

Final Score: 9/10

Final Fantasy Explorers

So I managed to get my hands on a copy of the latest offering from Square Enix, Final Fantasy Explorers. I’ll be honest, I bought it because everyone was saying hard it was to find in stores and I didn’t want to miss out. Also, unless you pre-ordered, stock was very low across all stores.

Final Fantasy Explorers and my Mew card!

So I’ve been playing it for a few hours and I have to say, I’m really liking it! It’s basically a Monster Hunter clone but in the Final Fantasy Universe. I’ve only completed the tutorial missions plus a few of the early missions. So far, the learning/difficulty curve is a lot lower than Monster Hunter which might appeal to gamers who struggled with MonHun (puts hand up).

I can’t wait to see what role classic characters like Cloud, Lightning and co have but it’s enough to keep me playing and temporarily put down Steins;Gate on the Vita. If you’ve missed all the hoopla, here’s the announcement trailer below.


Madoka Magica x Monster Hunter Frontier G Collaboration

Those adorable magical girls from Puella Magi Madoka Magica just can’t seem to stay still for too long. News is emerging from Japan that they’ve teamed up with Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise in a new and exciting collaboration. The game in question is Monster Hunter Frontier G and some information has begun to leak out regarding the details, here’s what we know so far, but first have a trailer with some cool sneak peeks.

The game will be featuring some costume revisions with Madoka Kaname and her Fleur bow, the Lorelei Liebe twin swords, a Kyubey costume, Akemi Homura, Mami Tomoe along with her Fata Magia musket, Sayaka Miki, a Dessert witch and lastly, Kyoto Sakura and the Mansana spear. There’s an event this coming Wednesday which promises to reveal more information, we’ll keep you posted what eventuates from that.

TGS ’14 Update: Capcom Shows Off Lineup

Here’s another massive prolific developer from Japan recently revealing their impressive lineup for the forthcoming Tokyo Game Show.

  • Monster Hunter 4G
  • Biohazard Revelations 2
  • Biohazard HD Remaster
  • Gaist Crusher God
  • Kiniki No Magna
  • Bakumatsu Rock Ultra Soul
  • The Great Ace Attorney

That’s all they’ve announced so far and yes, they’re all handheld games which I’m a fan of but until more is known, here’s a live action trailer for Biohazard Revelations 2.