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Wait… Pikachu Can Speak ENGLISH??

Pokemon fans across the United States have taken to Twitter voicing their opinions on Pikachu’s unforseen monologue during the new Pokemon: I Choose You movie.

Global News Director at Buzzfeed shared a video which perfectly captures (excuse the pun) the disgust and confusion we’re sure you’ll all feel when you first hear it too:



Weird right?

This isn’t the first time that Pikachu has spoken however. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity trailer features not only a talking Pikachu, but other Pokemon as well:



In fact, there’s even a game for the Nintendo 3DS known as Detective Pikachu that was released in February of 2016 in Japan, which has you taking the role of a smooth-talking Pikachu that solves mysteries. (Sadly this title is only available in Japan on the eShop, which is a mystery in itself. WHY HAVE YOU NOT LOCALIZED IT YET, NINTENDO??)



Despite all that, I think we can all agree how bizarre it is for Pikachu to talk. Part of Pikachu’s charm is that we can’t understand him, and that it’s up to interpretation how he may feel.
Although, many Twitter users have come out to say that Pikachu isn’t actually talking – it’s more of an emotional connection between Ash and Pikachu that allows them to understand each other.

I still think it’s weird.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! has already debuted in Australia and New Zealand with no confirmation of it returning for a second showing – however we’ll be sure to update you if we hear anything!

Got an hour and forty minutes to kill? Review on Death Note (US) 2017…

The adaption that nobody asked for was finally released….

When I write a review about something I try to remain positive and optimistic. I try to see the good in a project and give it a fair go. I went into watching the new ‘Death Note’ film that has been released on Netflix on August 25th with an open mind. With that said my mind was blown as to how bad it was. It was just plain terrible.

Now, before I continue I must confess. Although I have seen a good majority of episodes, I have yet to complete ‘Death Note’ anime series. That said I know the characters and the general plot of the story where Light becomes the holder of the Death Note book and any name that is written in the book would face their untimely death.

Now this production was exactly what Netflix would produce, an over budget show filled with gore and sexual content. We start the film on such a confusing note, the main character Light Turner is an ‘edgy’ teen in a typical American high school that mysteriously ends up with a book that fell from the sky. I wish I was making that up but that is exactly what happens.

The pacing and general plot of the movie was so ridiculous when I was watching it I would be questioning my own sanity as to why I was still watching. The script was just bad. Some of the dialogue between the characters was just so ridiculous you felt as if you eyes would roll back so hard in your head. The characters in the film were just not what you would expect, particularly from the main leads, Light (Kira) and Mia. From what the film makes it out to be is that Light and Mia team up to use the Death Note to get rid of the scum, getting their thrills from doing this. It was just an odd development for the characters and completely unrealistic. It makes it even more insane towards the end of the movie. On note of the characters, the actor that plays Light/Kira was completely terrible. This movie could have had some sort of potential if they got an actor that could actually act. He was just bad. I can’t even be nice about it.

I want to rant and rant more about this movie, but it would be spoiling it for everyone. It is just not my cup of tea. It could have been a decent adaption for western audiences if they paid more attention to the script, plot devices, the main actor and general delivery of scenes. I was one of those people that crave more adaptions of anime to western screens, but if this is what they are putting out into the universe, just keep it. Was there anything redeeming in this film? Sure Willem Dafoe, the dude is damn scary and brilliant, only perfect casting choice in this film. Also the soundtrack was interesting. It took on a strange 80’s vibe which actually strangely fit the darkness that this film was trying to portray.

If you are a Death Note fan I strongly suggest you stay with the anime. If you are a casual fan what the hell give it a shot, but don’t go into watching this film thinking it will win any awards. It is a teen angst drama filled with sex and gore. It would be like if Twilight was given a budget.

I rate this 1/5.

The Next Level: Yuri on Ice will return on the big screen!

Our favourite ice skater boys will return bigger and better than ever….ON THE BIG SCREEN!

Today was a big day for the ‘Yuri on Ice’ fandom as it was officially announced that there is a theatrical production in the works that will be released very soon. It was announced at the Yuri on Ice stage show currently happening in Japan and fans were lucky to hear the announcement. Many fans speculated that the major announcement was going to be a new season, however at the show they announced the Blu-Ray of the stage show (which will also be released later this year) but that a movie was indeed happening.

We are incredibly excited here at Japandaman (we are tragic fans of the show) and look forward to the new movie! If you haven’t seen the show go and check it out now on Crunchroll or Funimation.

For more information on the announcement check out the official website 

Your Lie In April Live Action Trailer

I recently finished watching the anime, “Your Lie In April” with my waifu and we both loved it! Who doesn’t love a good romance drama with rich, deep characters fused with some insane violin and piano performance set pieces? If you haven’t seen it, jump on Anime Lab and give it a watch, you’ll be thoroughly entertained.

So it was with much excitement that I recently found out about the live action movie adaptation that’s being produced in Japan and the trailer that was just released for it.


This anime is much loved in Japan and has loads of fans so the anticipation for this film is quite high!

Attack On Titan Live Action Full Trailer

Just had to share this trailer for the upcoming first installment of the live action movie version of Attack on Titan. I had been dying to see the corps in action with their 3D maneuvering gear and this trailer finally shows it and yes…it looks great! For those in Australia, here’s a link to the official movie site with a list of cinema locations that’s showing the film. Get along to it but for now…here’s the trailer!

Mameshiba official site hijacked by Gintama

There is currently a collaboration in the work between Mameshiba and Gintama for an upcoming movie. Well in a spot of fancy promoting, Gintama has gone and hacked the official site for Mameshiba.

How the official site currently looks.
How the official site currently looks.

On the official Twitter feed for the movie, it was also announced that 12 Gintama characters will be seen in bean form for the film. Those characters being ElizabethKondohHijikataOkitaTsukuyo, Joishishi Takasugi, Shiro Yasha GintokiKatsuraKyubeiSacchanTae and Joishishi Katsura.

Godzilla Film Gets Go Ahead

After what seems like forever, the Godzilla film franchise reboot has been green lit with respected writer, Frank Darabont, coming on board to do a final rewrite of Max Borenstein’s script.


There are still some issues to be ironed out as the producing team of Dan Lin and Roy Lee are currently in the midst of a dispute with studio, Legendary. The word is that Legendary is trying to get Lin and Lee removed from the project with the studio issuing a ‘no comment’ statement leaving people to speculate that the conflict may have to do with pay.

The production team is well known in Hollywood and have some box office blockbusters to their name, so with any luck Godzilla won’t bomb out when released on May 16, 2014.

Shadow Of The Colossus Movie Is Greenlit

Hollywood is once again jumping into the ‘game turned into movie’ arena with the reveal that cult classic game, Shadow of the Colossus, is being made into a blockbuster.


Its been confirmed that director of kids with super powers movie, Chronicles, Josh Trank is on board as is Seth Lochhead, one of the co-writers responsible for the explosive hit, Hanna. The project has been on the books since 2009 with Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li), penning an early version of the script.

The film will follow the plot of the game with young adventurer, Wander, with his faithful steed, Argo, traversing the land in his bid to take down 16 Colossi in his efforts to resurrect a young girl called Mono. Production duties have fallen to Kevin Misher with Andy Berman and Kevin Chang from Misher Films looking over proceedings.