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Free Music Player For Vita From Arc System Works

Developer Arc System Works are busy preparing a cool little app for PS Vita owners and best of all, it’s free. The app is called NAX Music Player which will locate and play MP3 tracks you have saved on your memory card.

But it does so much more, the app will analyze music in real time allowing the built in visualisers to play different wave forms depending on what’s playing. NAX will also be able to determine the BPM, or Beats Per Minute, of the track being played as well.

Via DLC, you’ll be able to obtain some dancers and more visualisers however the app itself is free of charge. Arc System Works have confirmed that the music player will be released during the Fall this year, catch some footage of the app below.

Asian Pop Clip Of The Week Poll

I’ve decided to add a new poll to allow readers to vote for their favourite Asian pop hit, the one with the most votes will be highlighted on Japandaman Dailies as a Thank You to readers! So don’t delay, have a click, it only takes a micro second to have a say and means so much!! The poll also allows you to add your own hit for other readers to vote for as well.

The poll is just below you so have a look and a click. No more delays, vote today…I really didn’t mean for that to rhyme, apologies 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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Voting is now over but thanks for taking part!

Asian Music Releases Start Early For 2012

This year has barely scratched the surface and there already a few Asian artists eager to get their releases out for 2012.

First up we have T-ARA who are releasing their fifth album entitled, “Funky Town”, along with a music video for a song from the album called “Lovey Dovey”. The album will have 8 tracks which include the aforementioned “Lovey Dovey”, “We were in love”, “Goodbye OK”, “I’m so bad”, “Oh my God” and “Cry Cry” (ballad version).



Next up we have EXO, who are the next major band to come out of the SM Entertainment stable and feature both Chinese and Korean singers. They had a debut at the 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun event held last week and the release of their album should please waiting fans.


Another artist known for her cuteness appeal is NS Yoonji who appears to be trying something different with her look if the teaser for her new music video is any indication. Check out “The reason I became a witch” below.


Beast, known for the massive hit Fiction, will be travelling to 21 cities around the globe and have unleashed a teaser trailer so people can see what to expect. PS. Australia isn’t on the list 🙁


Definitely looking like shaping up to be a great year for J-Pop and K-Pop fans!

Review: AKB48: Kamikyokutachi

AKB48 Kamikyokutachi cd supplied by Otaku Fuel


In Japan there is J-pop and then there is J-pop! And one of the biggest groups to exist in Japan is AKB48. This is a girl group made up of 48, yes, 48 members in three teams, Team A, K and B. They have a great presence in Akihabara in the Don Quixote building in downtown Chuo Dori where they do regular concerts and signings. Formed in 2005 by super producer, Yasushi Akimoto and releasing their first single in 2006, AKB48 have steadily and consistently been building their fanbase around the world by the thousands as well as currently holding the world record for most members in one group! They have already released over 10 albums ranging from studio to stage albums with each one selling extremely well and charting with great success on the Japanese Oricon music charts.

One of these albums is Kamikyokutachi, which translates loosely as Goddess Tracks, is a compilation of their greatest hits previously released on other albums as well as two previously unreleased singles. There are some absolute corkers in here with tunes that will have you tapping your foot and nodding your head to the beat. Now keep in mind that J-pop, just like anime, isn’t for everyone but if you’re a J-pop Otaku, then you simply must have some AKB48 in your collection and this cd is a great place to start.

AKB48From my personal collection, Harajuku March 2010

Dripping in sugary sweetness, the high pitched voices are immediately infectious and catchy and will make anyone an instant fan eager to keep track after track coming. I dare anyone to skip past any of the tracks on this album as they are all massive chart toppers in their own right. Particularly worth mentioning are “River”, “Kimi no Koto ga Suki Dakara”, “Baby! Baby! Baby! Baby!”, “10nen Zakura” and Iiwake Maybe. But to be completely honest, on my very first listen through, I didn’t feel the need to skip any tracks and loved them all but I do like my J-pop very sweet and not so mature. I’ve included a You Tube clip of “River” just below just to give you an idea of what to expect. This cd, as most Japanese releases, also comes with a DVD disc which has three of their songs performed in a studio with multiple camera angles on offer which offers more than one viewing just to make sure you can appreciate all of their dance steps.This album also went to the top of the Oricon charts so you’re in great company by buying this and adding it to your music library.

Will AKB48 be for everyone? Maybe not but give the clip below a go and if you like it, maybe give their You Tube channel a look so you know what to expect and then when you’re ready head straight to Otaku Fuel and snap up this slice of J-pop goodness that will remind you why one of the things that Japan is known for, is their quirky and infectious anime sounding tunes.