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Psy Unleashes Gangnam Style Follow-Up

Korean singer/sensation, Psy, made headlines around the world for his smash hit, “Gangnam Style”. The clip for the song becoming the most watch clip on YouTube with well over 1 billion views on the song talking up the affluent Gangnam district in South Korea.

Well now he’s back with the follow-up single, “Gentleman” and an equally quirky new clip and dance to go along with it. The song is essentially him spouting about how he’s a gentleman, or isn’t he? Watch the clip, make up your own minds and then sound off in the comments below!

SHINee’s MV For Dazzling Girl Hits Online

K-Pop fans of Korean boyband, SHINee or Shawols as they’re called, would be excited to hear that their new track has finally hit the interwebs.

‘Dazzling Girl’ is an excellent return to form and marks a slightly different sound for Taemin and co. Their last release, ‘Sherlock’, was a slick dance track which left their fans wanting more. I’m still not clear why they didn’t release the track, ‘Stranger’, from the album which was an awesome track, in my opinion.

The song can be found on the iTunes Japan store here if you’re lucky enough to have a Japanese account and some credit. If you need some Japanese credit, please email the Japandaman crew and we can provide you with either a ¥3000 or ¥5000 iTunes credit card.

The track hits Japanese stores on October 10 and will come with another single, Run With Me. But for now, you can catch the MV for ‘Dazzling Girl’ below.

Review: G-Dragon “One Of A Kind”

G-Dragon, the eponymous leader of K-Pop super group, Bigbang, launches his second foray into solo territory with the release of, “One of a kind”, the first track released from his upcoming second album of the same name.

The amazing new track plays host to a thumping hip hop bass line with a gritty rap tone giving the listener a new insight to G-Dragon’s creative mind. This release is vastly different from, “Heartbreaker”, his first solo album which tended to stay within the safe confines of pop music. His collaboration album with fellow Bigbang member, TOP, also straddled this same line but with this release, we’re able to see how he has grown as an artist, experimenting with a new style which he manges to bring all together in an impressive package.

The track does bear some resemblance to early 90’s G-Funk sound pioneered by American stars, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Warren G, but that’s where the similarities end as the track takes its own path and never imitates those artists. The track is basically G-Dragon announcing to everyone his merits and how he’s a force to be reckoned with, here to stay. Ripping out lyrics such as, “Because I’m different, that’s just me”, “Because people go crazy over anything I do”, he knows the effect he has on fans. From his beliefs to his music and industry recognised fashion sense, G-Dragon acknowledges all this without sounding pompous, merely thankful for his status.

This track may take some people a couple of listens to get into but make no mistake, you’d be doing yourself a massive disservice by not giving this a go, this is G-Dragon in fine form creating new sounds with lyrics as only he can. If you watch the MV, another Bigbang member, Taeyang, makes a cameo appearance right at the end which is great to see.

“Because I’m different, that’s just me”, yes G-Dragon, he definitely is.

[starreview tpl=16]
Highly impressive first release from the eagerly awaited second album, get onto it! 

Bigbang Still Alive With New Monster MV

Brand spanking new on the interwebs, Korean super boyband, Bigbang, are back with a nice addition to the earlier ‘Alive EP’ release. The new EP just released at midnight today ‘Still Alive’ expands on the earlier EP with new tracks and a runaway smash hit with the first single release, Monster.

Catch the clip below and check out the stunning clip with action aplenty and the boys looking great in fantastic make up and special effects.

Shinee Debuts New Sherlock Music Video

After much waiting and a delayed launch, on purpose or not we don’t know, the brand new MV for Korean boyband, SHINee, has been unleashed on the interwebs!

Called Sherlock which is a blend of the first two track from the new album, Clue + Note, it’s a great RnB, dance track with an awesome retro video covered in tight dance routines that the boys are famous for.

Enough talking, roll the clip!

Japanese Version Of Fantastic Baby

Lovers of Asian pop music will undoubtedly know that one of the most anticipated releases has finally hit store shelves and the iTunes music store about two weeks ago. That release was the latest album from Korean super boyband, Bigbang.

And a track from the album that is racing up the charts is Fantastic Baby, a dance themed track that is beyond being catchy, it defies belief.

Bigbang has been making inroads to the Japanese music charts which are notoriously difficult to crack and Fantastic Baby now has a Japanese version of the song along with a new video as well. Check it below.

AKB48’s 25th Single – Give Me Five MV

The eagerly awaited 25th single, called Give Me Five,  from Japanese girl group, AKB48, has a video released for it or really, it’s more like a mini movie at over 30 minutes long.

Directed by Sugita Shigemichi, the MV tells the story of four separate girls each with their own tale of hardship and trying times. Yuki has suffered abuse at the hands of bullies in school while Atsuko’s parent are no longer together so to look after her alcoholic father she makes ends meet by working at a ramen shop. Yuko supports her parent’s debt by lying about her age to work in a brothel and Minami suffers from having a very short attention span but makes up for it by finishing things quickly.

Throughout the course of the mini movie, it outlines how these four young ladies come together to form a band called, ‘Baby Blossom’. And it’s from there that they realise the path that life has laid out for them.

UPDATE: Original video has been taken down…here’s the clip of the song minus all the movie before it, this is just the song…and it’s great!! Any issues with the clip playing after the short ad, please reload the page.

Watch AKB48 – GIVE ME FIVE! PV (SSTV 27012012) in Music  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com