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Interview – REIKA (Cosplayer)

To kick off the Interview segment on, here’s an interview that I did with Neko for our TV show It’s Japan, Man! The interview was with internationally renowned Japanese cosplayer, REIKA. This is back from our very 1st season and was filmed at SMASH! 2014.

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You Can Buy Cat Head Masks In Japan

More from the basket of “Why but the why the hell not?” comes these new cat heads that you can get customised and ordered from Japan. These ultra realistic heads are courtesy of Housetsu Sato, a Japanese based artist who specialises with working with wool as his preferred medium. He started designing them after making one […]

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Silent Kitten Slippers

Who doesn’t want a pair of these slippers, am I right? *put hand up* How cute are they? Coming to your from manufacturer  Felissimo are these adorable slippers adorned with even cuter kitties on them. The manufacturer is even saying that they’ll give you ninja like sneaking abilities just like felines. Even better is, you can […]

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Train Riding Cat Spotted In Tokyo

From the land that brought you the black squid ink burger comes something just as cool and different. Spotted on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line recently was a cat minding his own business and travelling on the trains like an ordinary commuter. Here are some quotes from passengers who have been travelling with this feline. “Looks like this […]

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Episode 6 Of It’s Japan, Man! Goes Live

This update is REALLY late so apologies but we’ve been busy beavers working in the background on secret projects! But here is our labour love, episode 6 of the show that takes a look at the otaku lifestyle in Australia. The show that we call It’s Japan, Man! And also of particular note is that […]

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Episode 5 of It’s Japan, Man! Goes Live

Hey otakus, hope you all remembered to tune in to our YouTube channel for the latest episode of It’s Japan, Man! In case you haven’t seen it or are wondering what it’s all about, this is out show where we take a look at the otaku lifestyle in Australia. There are interviews, cosplay features, gaming, […]

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Episode 4 of It’s Japan, Man! Goes Live

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the 4th episode of our otaku lifestyle show, It’s Japan, Man! recently went live on YouTube. And just in case you missed it, you can catch it below.

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It’s Japan, Man! Episode 2 Goes Live!

Our latest installment in our otaku lifestyle show, It’s Japan, Man! has gone live on our Youtube channel. You can watch it right now! Episode 2 takes a look at Final Fantasy, car parking in Japan, Monster Hunter and loads more. Japandaman Youtube Channel


Cats & Heart Shaped Glasses. Enough Said.

Just a simple video of a pair of cats from Japan wearing heart shaped glasses while lazing in the sun. We just love how peaceful they look, completely unfazed by the specs.

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Attack on Titan. With cats.

Ever wondered what the opening of popular anime, Attack on Titan, would like with cats? I’m sure you have, which is why this clip was uploaded to YouTube, complete with blue screen effects and walking cats. Yep, walking cats as Titans. Check it out below.