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Pokemon 20th Anniversary

February 27th 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon in Japan and what a momentous couple of decades it’s been! Most gamers across the globe have played Pokemon in some form or another and it’s a series that has spawned it’s fair share of rabid fanboys/girls. It’s also the inspiration behind some amazingly complex and kawaii cosplays!

From Pokemon specific conventions, fan meetups, countless hours dedicated to the game, merchandise and a hot anime TV series, it’s safe to say that it’s changed lives of a huge numbers of people. Some dedicated hardcore players have grown up with the series and have fond memories of playing Pokemon Red on the original Gameboy (puts hand up!).

This weekend sees a number of Pokemon related events happening all around the world. There’s also a dedicated website for this amazing milestone which you can check out here. Melbourne will be seeing a Pokemon event hosted by the EB store in Swanston St at The Nintendo Experience, come down if you have nothing to do, it promises to be a fun day!

Pikachu Macbook
Japandaman’s laptop is all ready for the celebrations!

And don’t forget to use the hashtag #Pokemon20 on all your social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and anything else you use…go bananas with it!!

Japanese Virtual Console To Receive Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros. 3 will be arriving on the Japanese 3DS Virtual Console in 2013, this has been confirmed by Nintendo as well. The game will be dropping on the 1st of January and will retail for ¥500 making it an absolute bargain.


For those who don’t know, Super Mario Bros. 3 was the last Super Mario game to be released on the NES or Famicom as it’s known in Japan.

NES Flavoured Shoulder Bag

For the retro chic of you out there, this creation will bring tears of nostalgia to your eyes. Etsy, the site where you can find all sorts of fanboy/girl dreams, someone has created one of the coolest shoulder bags to ever grace the Earth.

It’ll set you back $80US dollars but it’s a small price to pay, we think, for something completely original and unique. $80 will also get you a NES controller wallet thrown into the mix to complete the set.

The following description comes straight from the Etsy page itself:

The set comes with the NES shoulder bag & the controller game pad wallet! Both are handmade using the original Nintendo console and game pad. I removed all the innards and nicely lined each box with black fabric. The adjustable strap and hinges on the shoulder bag are reinforced from the inside to make it extra sturdy and the latches keep it closed securely. The strap is adjustable from about 52″ down to about 20″ so it can be worn as a messenger bag, purse or anything in between. The game door is functional for quick drop offs into the bag (perfect for pencils, calculators, or the controller wallet). The buttons on the front of the console still function and the plugs and switches on the back are still intact. Plus there is a secret compartment on the bottom to stash some valuables. The controller wallet is also very sturdy with brass hinges and a powerful Neodymium magnet that snaps shut tightly. Perfect for loose change or bills and fits most business cards. All the buttons are securely mounted and the start/select buttons can actually be pressed. A great gift for the serious gamer on the go.
Each set I make will only vary slightly and I will choose the best one I have in stock to send you.

Here’s some pics to get the juices flowing.

NES Super Mario Receives The 3D Treatment

Fresh on the heels of receiving an early release via the Ambassador Program, the 8 bit Super Mario Bros. will be receiving the 3D treatment. Nintendo has confirmed that the title will be the next to hit the eShop as part of the 3DS virtual console range just like Kirby and Excitebike before it.

There have been some new features added to the 3D release such as a save state feature and the 3DS sleep mode will also be supported. Early adopters need not fret as the Ambassadors will be receiving updated versions for free. The rest of the gaming public will be forking out ¥500.

Not a bad update for free, me thinks.

Nintendo Keeps You Younger Longer

Amazing news today from Japan, via Daily motion, where we hear that a 99 year old woman plays Nintendo to keep her mind young and her reflexes sharp. Umeji Narisawa has been playing the original Nintendo unit or Famicom, as it was called in Japan, every day for years. Normally she plays Bomberman for a couple of hours each day clearing all 50 levels and sometimes beating the game twice a day! As well as her mind and reflexes, the controller also manages to keep her fingers supple, so supple in fact that she’s still able to thread a needle, remarkable. Not just a gamer but a retro gamer 🙂 Pics and vid below.


bombergran [jprobe] by peakfloods