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Japan Dates New Love+

Fans of the dating sim genre from Japan would no doubt have heard of the hugely popular series, New Love+. The new game in the series for the Nintendo 3DS was recently announced with a release date of 27th of March, 2014.

This experience could be yours!
This experience could be yours!

The game will retail for ¥5,700 while the digital version will set you back ¥5,200. There will also be a bundle which is themed after one of the girls in the game. It comes with a 3DS XL, a physical copy of the game, an illustration sheet, visual and art book, a box which holds it all together themed after one of the girls and a vinyl CD.

new love plus 3ds

New Love Plus Footage & Pics

For all the hopeless romantics out there, don’t forget that New Love Plus for the 3DS launches on Valentine’s Day February 14 so start hitting up your favourite importer. But if you can’t wait until then, here’s a clip showing off gameplay footage featuring a date with 3D girl, Nene.

The clip runs for just under seven minutes so fans will be in for a treat as it’s quite cute. If you can’t get enough after seeing the clip, check out the pics under the video.


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New Love Plus For Everyone

Nintendo have announced that the free trial of New Love Plus that was being pushed wirelessly via 7-11 stores in Japan will be ending tomorrow on the 21st of December. But fret not if you were unfortunate enough not to be in Japan and download said demo, the great news is that the demo will be made available via the e-Shop from tomorrow for general download, yay if you have a Japanese 3DS. The e-Shop demo will carry the same content as the 7-11 version, no changes are expected to be made.

This experience could be yours!


The demo will take up 60MB of space so make sure you’re good to go with that on your SD card and as with other previously released demos, you’ll be able to boot it up 30 times before it expires and self destructs. Or something along those lines.

Life Size Love Plus Girls

Well, kinda. The post heading is a tad misleading as what it’s alluding to is if you want some more…hands on time with your digital girlfriend, thanks to Konami you now can. Konami Style has released these ful length calendars onto their website, each one having that particular girlfriend’s birthday marked on it so you have no excuses for not remembering.

The price tag on each of these beauties is ¥8,400 each measuring 580x1800mm so they’re a decent size and will look great in any Otaku bedroom. The three girls, Nene, Manaka and Rinko, are ready to be picked up from Konami Style.

Demo For New Love Plus Hits 7-11

Fans and lovers of dating simulation, New Love Plus on the 3DS, will welcome the news that a demo will soon be made available for download. The game was originally slated for release on December 8 before delays pushed it back to February 14. The demo will be made available through 7-11 stores in Japan using their new 7 Spot wireless service which is released on December 1. Of particular note is the fact that the news of the demo wasn’t released by Konami but by the 7-11 franchise itself and the demo will be made available from December 8 to December 21.


New Love Plus On 3DS

Dating simulation games are huge in Japan and none other than Love Plus. The next game in the series entitled, New Love Plus, releases in Japan during the upcoming Autumn season and features an interesting addition to the game. Using the built gyroscope functions of the handheld, you’ll be able to scan around your girlfriend’s room giving a new perspective to the gameplay. Check the clip below for a sample of the gameplay and scan around the room function, it’s pretty cool.