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Playstation Experience 2016 Day One

The Playstation Experience 2016 was held this morning, Melbourne time, and considering it was just the first day, there were announcements and videos galore that left me salivating and wanting to see more. I’ve included the clips below for the games that I’m keen to see and right at the bottom I’ve left a link to see more of the other clips and some Playstation Experience links for you to check out.

Level-5 Working On PS4 Title

Prolific developer, Level-5, fresh off the heels of delivering an amazing game in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch today announced they’ve just started work on a game for Sony’s next console, the Playstation 4.

ps4 controller

Akihiro Hino, the CEO and President of Level-5, recently went on record with the following statement, “It’s still in the planning stages, but we are also working on a PlayStation 4 title.” The statement was made during an interview with Nikkei Trendy. When asked about the PS4, he responded with, “PlayStation 4 is next-gen hardware built with the network in mind, so more than graphics performance and specs, we need to think about communication—how to use the network features.”

He also chimed in with his thoughts on the PS Vita saying he thought the new price drop was a great idea but that Sony would need to release more strategic titles simultaneously for it make a bigger impact.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Footage

Level-5’s ‘Ni no Kuni’ title recently saw a demo released for the Playstation 3 via the PSN. However, Level-5 has gone a step further by posting a video of some behind the scenes footage of their collaboration with Studio Ghibli on this title.

The clip shows both the CEO Akihiro Hino and director of the game, Ken Motomura, where they’re discussing the company’s philosophy and culture and various aspects of the game itself.

Level-5 World Update – Ni No kuni Trailer

New trailer has emerged from the Level-5 World event on the weekend in Japan, for none other that the Studio Ghibli/Level-5 crossover, Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch. The PS3 version of the game is slated for release in Japan on the 17th of November while a Western release through Namco Bandai will forthcoming in 2012. For now check the col trailer below.

Ni No Kuni Nears Release Date


Muchly anticpated title from two Japanese powerhouse, namely developer Level-5 and animation house Studio Ghibli, Ni no Kuni is one game that’s looking amazing. Seen last year at TGS and again this year, we may finally be nearing a release date for this game. Level-5 President, Akihiro Hino, spoke at a press conference held by Sony Computer Entertainment, recently where he announced that an English version of the PS3 RPG was also in the works.

He mentioned that Japan will be seeing the game on store shelves in early 2012 while also mentioning that the PS3’s storyline will be very similar to the DS version until about halfway through. The PS3 version will continue the story at that point and will also be featuring some DLC in the near future for it. The full title of the game will be Ni no Kuni: Queen of the Holy White Ash.

There will also be a Ni no Kuni themed PS3 which will be available in Japan which looks amazing as seen in the pic below from TGS. The PS3 model looks amazing and a must have!

Ni No Kuni To Be Playable At TGS

For the second year running, Ni no Kuni for the PS3 will be shown at TGS next week. The game is a collaboration between development studio Level-5 and famed Japanese animation house, Studio Ghibli. The games features absolutely lush anime style graphics and while I didn’t get a chance to experience it first hand and actually play it, I did manage to grab some footage of it which can be seen below. Visitors to the Sony Computer booth will be able to check out the latest build and select one of two levels being the “Field” version which covers the field and battle elements, while the “Mechanized City” version outlines the anime and boss battle elements. The “Field” version is supposed to serve as a beginners’ introduction so that may be a good one to play the first time around for people at the Tokyo Game Show.

Level-5’s presence at TGS will be slightly smaller due to the Level-5 World event they have planned later in the year during October.