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Naruto Play Receives Update To Live Action Cast

Many a Naruto fan have been excited at the prospect of the ninja they all know and love come to life in a live action adaptation. It’s isn’t a movie but rather a stage play that has come to fruition and below you can see an updated gallery of the cast. So who’s excited for this? And how awesome are the costumes!?

Have a trailer for the show as well.

Is anyone keen to see this in Japan? For more info, head on over to the official site.

Wolverine Samurai Japanese Trailer

The latest instalment in the X-Men movie franchise is still in production but before that movie is released, we have everyone’s favourite self-healing mutant, Wolverine, in his 2nd solo movie.

wolverine samurai

Starring Hugh Jackman in the title role, the Western title has been changed from “The Wolverine”, to “Wolverine: SAMURAI” for the Japanese release, the film is set in modern-day Japan and judging by the trailer looks like it’s going to eclipse the first outing with tons of action and a deeper storyline. The film features amazing scenes with Ninjas or motorbikes and an insane fight set on top of a high-speed train which has to been to be believed.

The film launches in Japan on September 16.

Debut Trailer For Senran Kagura Anime

At the recent Comiket 82, the trailer for the Senran Kagura anime was shown off and it’s a doozy. Luckily for everyone not fortunate  enough to attend, a fan managed to get some video footage from off screen.

Make sure no little ones are watching as it’s a bit risque in parts, hard to believe this action Ninja anime started off being a 3DS title, yet another one of those amazing titles that never leave Japan. Great quality video as well considering it isn’t official, give it a look.