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Dragon Ball Heroes Port Comes To 3DS

Dragon Ball Heroes is an arcade card game in Japan which Namco Bandai is working on bringing to the Nintendo 3DS with a date of February 28 being given when Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission will be released.

If you’re already a fan of the arcade game, you can lash out for the Limited Edition bundle available from Lalabit Market which ships with an official Dragon Ball Heroes carrying case built for cards. The case itself is able to hold 20 cards while you’ll also receive 6 Hero Stadium card packs from the first season through to the sixth.

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The Limited Edition bundle will set you back ¥7,980 while the standard edition of the game costs ¥5,800.

Japan Weekly Sales Charts

It’s Japandaman’s favourite time of the week, the sales charts for both hardware and software. This is where we see how sales are going in Japan, will the 3DS continue its reign, has the Vita picked up in sales?

Read on to see how it’s all going.

The Nintendo 3DS continues growing from strength to strength as Japan’s preferred hardware with a huge 168,876 units sold, no doubt helped along by popular title, Animal Crossing New Leaf. Meanwhile, the Vita saw a surge in sales due to Assassin’s Creed Liberation helping it along. This week saw the Vita sell through 13,091 units which is reassuring for Sony executives. There are a quite a few AAA titles due for release for the Vita which will make it interesting to see how Vita sales fare.

Enough chatter, on with the charts!

Software Charts

  1. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  2. [PS3] Assassin’s Creed III
  3. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  4. [PSP] Summon Night 4
  5. [PS3] Medal of Honor: Warfighter
  6. [PSV] Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
  7. [PS3] Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires
  8. [PS3] Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  9. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  10. [PS3] Tales of Xillia 2

Hardware Charts

  • Nintendo 3DS: 168,876
  • PlayStation 3: 17,035
  • PlayStation Vita: 13,091
  • PSP: 12,217
  • Wii: 3,001
  • Xbox 360: 2,063
  • PlayStation 2: 723
  • Nintendo DS: 353

Monster Hunter 3G Bundle For Japan

Nintendo and Capcom have taken the wraps of a special release 3DS unit for the release of Monster Hunter 3G on the handheld. The special pack will be touching down in Japan on December 10 and will set you back ¥20,800. This will earn you a copy of the game and a limited edition white 3DS with Monster Hunter markings all over it which looks absolutely gorgeous!


You’ll also be able to pick up the game by itself for ¥5,800 as well the last bundle which features the second circle pad accessory bundled in for ¥6,990.

Keiji Inafune Speaks About New Title

Former head of Capcom developement, Keiji Inafune, has spoken up about his first new title since parting ways with Capcom. He’ll be working on a game for the Nintendo 3DS called “Kai-oh which is an RPG with multiplayer support thrown in. The name itself translates to “Sea King” and while the game has a pirate theme, you’ll apparently be playing as a penguin! Sea King is due out in 2012 and is a joint venture between Intercept Studios and Marvelous AQL. Intercept is Inafune’s new studio that he created while Marvelous comprises of Marvelous Entertainment, AQ Interactive and Liveware after their recent acquisition and merger.


New Screenshots For Monster Hunter 3G (3DS)

Capcom have released an entire swag of new screenshots for upcoming monster title, Monster Hunter 3G, for the Nintendo 3DS. Have a look especially at the high res shots of the monsters, they look amazing! This game will be a system seller for the 3DS and you can already hear the stampede of people in Japan who will snap up this title in an extremely popular franchise for Japan. Enjoy the pics 🙂

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Ice White For The 3DS

Keeping the newly announced colour of “Misty Pink” for the Nintendo 3DS company, will be the just released news of a new colour for the handheld. “Ice White” will be the new colour to the Nintendo stable of handhelds that could and it looks amazing with the black top screen as a sharp contrast to the stark whiteness of the bottom screen Don’t believe me, take a look for yourself below. Misty Pink will be hitting Japan 20/10/11 while Ice White can be found on store shelves 3/11/11. No news yet for a Western release but I’m holding my breath for a redesign with the second analogue pad tacked on as well. That would be a redesign that makes sense, right?

Press Release Hints At Western Release For Layton Vs Ace

At the recent Tokyo Game Show there were pamphlets being handed out advertising Layton Vs. Ace Attorney for the 3DS. One other point of interest however is that on the pamphlet, it also mentions that the “English names are TBD.” One would think that the game receiving an international conversion would be a no brainer seeing as how developer, Level-5, has a ton of fans out of Japan that would love to see this game released in their country. This comes from the level of interest being generated on Level-5’s international Facebook page, which has a poll asking fans which game they would love to see localised. Access the page here and cast your vote too! FYI, Layton is currently in the lead 🙂

As of yet though, no news regarding a release date out of Japan or a price have been discussed.

Monster Hunter 3G Control Scheme Explained

One of the games displayed at TGS that has a huge fan following would have to be anything from the Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter 3G for the 3DS has had its fair share of attention as well, not just for being the first Monster Hunter on a Nintendo handheld but for incorporating the newly announced second circle pad via the add peripheral that snaps onto the side of the 3DS. One thing that people have been wondering is will you need the second circle pad to play the game or can you somehow use the stylus instead? Well, wonder no more as I have below the Monster Hunter press conference from TGS which answers, and shows, this question and more.

There will be a virtual D-pad on the touchscreen as seen in many iphone games such as Streetfighter 4 which works extremely well so it looks like not investing in the circle pad may not be essential to gameplay. I can only hope that this will be the same of other titles announcing support for it such as Snake Eater 3D or Kingdom Hearts 3D. Hopefully there’ll be news on those titles soon.