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Top Ten Places For Halloween In Japan

Halloween in Japan is going down and it’s jumped in popularity over the past handful of years where it used draw the attention of a few hundred to well over 100,000 in Tokyo. So if you happen to be in Japan right now and are wondering where to go to see the Halloween sights for 2017, then look no further, we have you covered.

1. Shibuya
We’ve mentioned Halloween before in previous posts but it really is an amazing place to check out the Halloween cosplay and fun that the locals get up to. It’s chockfull of people wearing crazy outfits and even more outlandish make up. Here’s a look at Halloween in Shibuya:

Map: https://goo.gl/xH15B6

Date (unofficial): 30th October 2017

2. Ikebukuo Halloween Cosplay Festival
We recently ran a post about this very event, in case you missed it you can give it a look right here. Suffice to say that it’s another fun filled event which be loaded full of Halloween antics.

Map: https://goo.gl/7fFas8

Date: 28&29 October 2017

Time: 10:00–18:00

Website: http://ikebukurocosplay.jp/ (Japanese)

3. Roppongi Halloween Parade
This will be a huge event as Roppongi is actually one of the first places in Tokyo that started the whole Halloween craze in the first place so no doubt they’ll be throwing a massive party! There’s parades, heaps of food stalls, cosplay, live music and loads more!

Map: https://goo.gl/BsE7CR

Date: 22nd October 2017

Website: http://6hallo.com/

4. Kawasaki Halloween 2017
Kawasaki will be throwing a massive shindig with cosplay comps, food stalls, live music and a dance party. The theme this year is “LOVE & JOY!” which pretty much sums up the night.

Map: https://goo.gl/T7fu4z

Date: 29th October 2017

Time: 14:30~16:00

Website: http://lacittadella.co.jp.e.aan.hp.transer.com/halloween/

5. Tokyo Tower Halloween Night Fantasia
Even famous landmark Tokyo Tower gets into the act and festivities by throwing a massive event. The tower itself will be decked out in Halloween themed art and NAKED will be supplying an impressive digital art projection. There’s also free costume hire so you really don’t have an excuse to join in.

Map: https://goo.gl/6djfUJ

Date:~31st October 2017

Hours:18:00~22:50 (projection mapping)

Website: https://www.tokyotower.co.jp/en.html

6. Odaiba Fireworks 2017 & Halloween Beach Festival
If you want to see Halloween in with a bit more bang then Odaiba has you covered as they’ll be having a fireworks display as well to light up the sky. The fireworks show will be synchronised to music while having stunning Rainbow Bridge in the background. Food stands, a Halloween parade and performances round off the night and while you’re there, stop by the new Unicorn Gundam and say hello!

<<Get tickets for Odaiba Fireworks 2017 & Halloween Festival>>

Map: https://goo.gl/hWBN7L

Date: 21 October 2017

Hours: 15:00~

Ticket : 5,800 yen~

7. Shibuya Otona Halloween Party
Not content with having a street festival, Shibuya joins the list again with another event they’re throwing for Halloween. Whilst the first event on this list is official, this is the official event thrown by Shibuya. It’ll be held at the Hikarie Building on the 9th floor and promises to be a less crowded event than the street party.

Map: https://goo.gl/A9y5a5

Date: 28th October 2017

Hours: 18:00~21:00

Admission Fee: FREE

Website: http://otonahalloween.com/ (Japanese only)

8. Disney Halloween @Tokyo Disney Resorts
If Disney is more your thing then this destination has you covered. Halloween time at the Disney theme parks is always a fun event event with parades, themed food, music performances and decorations as far as the eye can see. And that’s just the parks, the various Disney resorts also join the fun and deck themselves out in true Halloween style.


Maps: https://goo.gl/Wzr2A8

Date:~31st October 2017

Website: http://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/en/

9. Puro Halloween Party @Sanrio Puroland
You didn’t think everyone’s favourite feline had been left out, did you? Hello Kitty receives the Halloween treatment as well courtesy of Sanrio Puroland. All the Sanrio characters have been given the Halloween makeover and been transformed into even more cutesy versions of themselves.

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Map: https://goo.gl/WgjTPK

Date:~31st October 2017

Website: https://en.puroland.jp/

10. Halloween Buffet @Hilton Tokyo
And lastly, for those with a bit more upmarket taste, the Hilton Hotel is getting into the act with a Halloween buffet loaded with an obscene amount of Halloween themes candy and treats which will look great on anyone’s Instagram account. Just take a look at the pic below!

Map: https://goo.gl/ipdVR8

Date: ~31st October 2017

Hours: 15:00~17:00

Hope something in the list grabbed your eye and if yo do attend any of the events, we’d love to see your pics. Just drop us a line or make a submission and we’ll post them right here for you!

Source: JW Web Magazine

The Unicorn Gundam Official Opens

We posted recently about the new Unicorn Gundam being assembled at Diver City, Odaiba. It was a sad day to see the original Gundam being taken down and away to a new home but the new Gundam more than makes up for it. Just take a look at it down below!

Voice actor Kouki Uchiyama handled the MC duties introducing the Gundam to the crowd. Kouki Uchiyama’s character pilots the Unicorn Gundam in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 and he also showed the crowd how the Gundam transforms from Unicorn Mode to Destroy Mode.

There was also a performance from J-Rock band, Sugizo, who have penned the ED for the anime, Drifters, a massive hit in Japan.

If you’re reading this from Japan then make the trip to Odaiba, say hello to the Gundam and check out the Diver City shopping mall. There’s some amazing stores inside and there’s also a Gundam Base Tokyo on the 7th floor for all your gunpla needs!

The New Gundam Is Nearly Finished!

If you were lucky to visit Japan in recent years, you would have see the awesome RX-78-2 Gundam at Odaiba standing proudly outside Diver City. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and the Gundam was dismantled. *tears*

BUT…there’s a new Gundam in town, it’s a Unicorn Gundam which stands nearly twenty metres tall. The previous Gundam stood 18 metres tall so this is a upgrade in more ways than one. This new Gundam first showed up in 2010’s Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.

Some locals have snapped pictures of the assembly in process and they caught a good look at the head.

And those antennas on his head aren’t just for looks, check out the video below!

With a completion time frame of August in Japan, the deadline isn’t too far away and we can’t wait until it’s finished and we can pay him a visit.

New Gundam For Odaiba

Our most recent trip to Japan was memorable for many reason but not least which was to pay a visit to the life-size scale”RG 1/1 RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.GFT” at Odaiba outside Diver City Plaza. As some may know, he was due to be pulled down after spending quite a few years there as an attraction to both locals and tourists alike.

Well sad to report…the Gundam is gone but despite this sadness, we hear about exciting news of a Unicorn Gundam to be erected during Autumn! Here’s an artist’s impression of what it’ll look like:

unicorn gundam

And even better, the Unicorn Gundam is coming right on time for the biggest Gunpla exhibition which opens in Japan during Summer…still a fair way to go but you just know it’ll be something special! So for Gunpla and Gundam fans alike, keep an eye for “TOKYO Gundam Project 2017”.

*Thanks to Miki for the scoop on this!*


Despite the freezing weather today, we headed out to Comiket, eager to check out another con in Japan which didn’t fail to disappoint with the high level of cosplay that was on display. Such cosplay! We had a quick look inside the actual venue which was very interesting but we weren’t able to grab any footage 🙁 Gomensai 🙁 We then caught the train to nearby Diver City to grab a bite and to see the amazing Gundam statue before he gets disassembled in March 2017 🙁

The Gundam Train Rolls Into Japan

Japan taking their love of all things mech to the next level have produced something pretty cool. We’ve seen the massive 1:1 ratio scale model of the Gundam in Odaiba but now there’s something new to ooh and ahh over.


Ready for it? A Gundam train. Nankai Electric Railways connecting the largest city in central Japan, Osaka with the Kansai Airport have commemorated the mobility this service provides by joining forces with Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The new train draws inspiration from the villain, Full Frontal, being that villains consistently outrank the good guys in terms of popularity.

full frontal

Taking the existing Nankai Tokyu Rapi:t express train and rebranding it as the (deep breath), Mobile Suit Gundam UC Tokyu Rapi:t Return of the Red Comet Tokyu Rapi:t Neo Zeon.

gundam train

The new train will be rolled out from April 26 and will connect people to and from Namba Station, found in downtown Osaka on the Nankai Main line all the way to the Kansai Airport Station, on the Airport Line.

gundam train seats
Fancy train seats!

You can’t take the seats home unfortunately but there are these limited edition tickets for the first 5000 people which carry the Rapi:t tickets featuring the Neo Zeon crest plus the cast and mecha of Gundam Unicorn. The train will run until June 30 so make sure you don’t miss out!

Gundam Lights Up For Winter

The massive 1:1 scale statue of the Gundam in Odaiba is very popular with both locals and tourists. The statue is also packed full with people looking for photo opportunities and is a great backdrop.

Gundam 2

Currently for Winter, the statue has been illuminated for the night time which makes it looks simply amazing. Don’t believe us, have a look at the pics below. If you want to see it for yourself, the lights are on from 5PM until 11PM and runs through to the 13th of January, 2014.

Gundam 1


For more info, head on over to the GUNDAM FRONT TOKYO Official Website or the GUNDAM. INFO gundam portal site.

Walking through the Gundam

The 1:1 scale figure of the Gundam is still on display in the entertainment precinct of Odaiba in Japan. The massive statue is normally cordoned allowing you to take pics but not so you can get too close.

Recently though the protective barriers came down allowing visitors to walk between the legs of the Gundam allowing for some impressive footage to be taken, as can be seen below.

Fantastic photography and camera work as well. Here’s another clip of the Gundam at night after a rain fall.