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SMASH! 2016 Update – Second Confirmed Guest

SMASH! 2016 is getting closer and closer and we’ve just heard the exciting news of a second guest being confirmed. Japanese voice actress AI NONAKA has been confirmed as attending SMASH! this year. I’ve included all the important information below straight from the press release.

Sydney, NSW, June 6th, 2016 — Sydney’s #1 Japanese pop-culture convention, SMASH! Sydney

Manga and Anime Show, continues to surprise fans by expanding its spectacular guest list. Following

the guest announcement of Naruto voice actor Hideo Ishikawa, SMASH! is ecstatic to reveal the

second official guest for SMASH! 2016: Japanese voice actress AI NONAKA.


AI NONAKA is a prolific Japanese voice actress and singer who is best known for her roles as Kyouko

Sakura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), Noramyako (Doraemon), and Mansherry (One Piece).

Some of Nonaka’s recent anime roles include Tirami (Amagi Brilliant Park), Ichijou (Paniponi Dash to

Kafuka in Gofu Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei), and Imae Megumi (WataMote).


SMASH! President Andrew Qiu believes the attendance of a second voice actor at SMASH! 2016

demonstrates the “growing community of passionate manga and anime fans” within Australia.

“Year after year, voice-acting guests are a huge hit amongst SMASH! attendees,” Qiu said.

“With Australian fans well-informed of Japan’s latest animation releases, there is a significant demand

to bring Japanese voice talent from Japan. In doing so, SMASH! is the perfect platform for fans to meet

the actors behind the characters they love, and share their love for pop-culture in a unique way.”

Fans will have the opportunity to meet Miss Nonaka at the convention, and attend a special Q&A panel.

SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show 2016 is a two-day convention to be held at Rosehill

Gardens on August 20th and 21st. For more information, visit www.smash.org.au.


New Shonen Jump Attraction For Universal Studios Japan

It seems like everytime we turn around, Universal Studios Japan has a new feature for visitors to marvel at. If it isn’t a Biohazard attraction, it’s a Monster Hunter or in this case, Shonen Jump. Specifically, three different manga will have attractions, Death Note, Dragon Ball and One Piece.

Universal Studios is no stranger to One Piece attractions having previously hosted such an event but now it’s the all new One Piece Premiere Show 2016.

one piece universal studios

You know those Trap Room/Escape Room puzzles that are gaining popularity? It appears the Death Note attraction will be following suit and it’ll be a puzzle affair that you must solve much like the Resident Evil Real Escape Game that’s currently in place as well.

death note universal studios

But even better, just the the 4D Spider-Man experience, the new Dragon Ball feature will see Goku battling Frieza in Dragon Ball Z The Real 4D experience.

dragon ball universal studios

If you want to get to any or all three new features, you better hurry as they’re running from July 1st through to September 4th, 2016.

One Piece demo arrives on Japanese eShop

One Piece is one of if not the most popular manga in Japan so it’s no surprise to see a number of game being made f0r it. One of the newer ones in bound for the 3DS and a demo is available on the eShop right now for you to check out.

one piece unlimited world r

One Piece: Unlimited World R is due to hit Japan on November 21st but the demo which you can download will contain the “Hit the Pacifista” quest in Enies Lobby and the “Defeat the Dragon” quest in Punk Hazard. Have a download and see what you think. Will you be buying the game when it releases?

One Piece Unlimited World R trailer

Namco Bandai have recently released the latest trailer for the 3DS One Piece game onto the interwebs. Titled One Piece: World Unlimited R, the game will allow 4 gamers to team up and take on the task of discovering the seas, taking on fearsome monsters and dabble in various other activities.

The game hits Japan on November 21 but in the meantime, enjoy the trailer below.

Shonen Jump anniversary t shirts

We’ve already seen the PS3/PS Vita fighting game, J-Stars Victory VS, being all about celebrating the 45th anniversary of Shonen Jump, the manga publication. It doesn’t stop there however with the news that these awesome t shirts are being produced as part of the anniversary celebrations.

shonen 45

The t shirts themselves look pretty special with illustrations of One Piece, Toriko and Dragon Ball. There’s two different t shirts carrying different designs. In one you can find the characters in a Capsule Corporation car while the other design sees the characters in the pirate ship from One Piece, Going Merry. The shirt is also available in 2 colours being grey and black.

[AFG_gallery id=’316′]

You can catch the shirts for ¥5,040 from the Village Vanguard online and retail store.

New J-Stars Victory VS screenshots

A handful of new images have just been released for the upcoming PS3/PS Vita brawler, J-Stars Victory VS. The game is being released to mark the momentous occasion of Shonen Jump turning 45 and brings quite a few of the publication’s characters. What we know so far is that stars from One Piece, Bleach, Kochikame, Gintama, Toriko, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Rurouni Kenshin, Hunter x Hunter, and possibly some more, have all been thrown into the mix.

[AFG_gallery id=’308′]

How good is this game looking? We can’t wait for this to be completed so we can get our hands on it! Here’s hoping they add more characters into the mix either selectable fighters or even if they make cameos as assist characters.

3DS receives another One Piece game

We only reported yesterday that the PSP game, One Piece: Romance Dawn, was being ported to the Nintendo 3DS, today we hear that another One Piece game is coming to the handheld.

bandai one piece 2

The game is called One Piece: Unlimited World Red and as yet doesn’t have a release date but we do know that the game will allow up to 4 gamers to take part and all get involved. The scanned image below shows some of what to expect, such as a scene from the Punk Hazard story arc which saw and Luffy and friends take on the dragon from the storyline.

one piece scan

3DS receives One Piece Romance Dawn

One Piece is an extremely popular anime in Japan and this is the reason why Luffy and co are always appearing in new games from PS3 to the PSP. Now a new game will be appearing on the 3DS which was recently seen on the PSP.


One Piece: Romance Dawn was released on the Sony PSP last year in December and now its being ported to the Nintendo 3DS. Shonen Jump released a small promo blurb letting gamers know that the port will be released on the 8th of August. It’s not known if the 3DS version will be receiving new or additional content but the game, like the PSP version, will be covering story events from East Blue through to Marineford.

As soon as we see a trailer or have more info, we’ll post it here.