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Zelda Symphony Is Australia Bound

Cast your mind back a few months to E3 and the spectacular presentation that kicked off the Nintendo conference, namely being the announcement for the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda and what exactly Nintendo had planned for everyone’s favourite Hylian hero, Link. One of the more impressive parts was the symphony orchestra that played to a montage of Zelda footage from all the games, right back at the beginning through to The Skyward Sword. Nintendo did mention that the orchestra would be touring USA holding Zelda themed performances and it seemed, once again, that Australia was going to be left in the dark.

Well breaking news from Australia’s largest independent Nintendo news site, Vooks, that the Zelda Symphony Orchestra will indeed be touring Australia. Ticket seller, Ticketmaster, who are handling ticket sales for Europe and USA, have put up a Zelda Symphony section on their site when you search for Zelda as seen below.

So as you can see from the screen grab, there is no further information apart from that unfortunately, no venue, pricing or dates but at least it’s on their site which, you would think, means all systems are go for Australia to get in on some Zelda loving as well. Further googling reveals that there is another page as seen below but no further info on that one either unfortunately.

Once dates and prices are known, Japandaman Dailies will have you covered with the updates.